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19 beautiful blue green paint colors

Searching for the perfect blue green paint color that isn’t too blue or too green? I was too, and in my quest for the perfect balance between the two beautiful hues I came across some seriously good options.

Here you’ll find plenty of selections to choose from as you discover the best green blue paint color for your space.

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Best light blue green paint colors

Going with a lighter blue green paint color is necessary if you’re trying to achieve an airy look, but have a room with less natural or overhead light.

I’ve rounded up 10 of my favorite lighter green blue hues and noted their LRV. Colors closer to 100 are lighter, and colors closer to 0 are darker and reflect minimal light.

If you can’t decide between two colors and you are worried about the color appearing darker in your space, let the LRV be the tie breaker.

Make sure you test all paint samples in the room you are painting and look at the sample multiple times throughout the day. I recently discovered Samplize— you can literally buy 12×12 samples of paint. These samples are peel and stick so you can move them around from room to room. Crazy, right?!

Fresh Tone by Behr

blue green paint color

If you’re looking for a green blue that leans towards turquoise but is still fairly light, Fresh Tone is absolutely stunning. Behr named this beautiful hue its 2018 Color of the Year, and I can’t say I’m surprised, as it’s stunning robin-egg appearance reads well on most anything its used on.

LRV of 54

Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams

bluish green paint colors

While searching for the perfect mix of green and blue for my daughter’s room Rainwashed is a tone I strongly considered. The blue green blend actually has a hint of a gray undertone in it! This color works beautifully for a bathroom or even used on an accent wall in a bedroom.

LRV of 59

Silver Strand by Sherwin Williams

light blue green paint colors

Don’t let the name fool you, Silver Strand is a true blue green paint color! And while this is technically a blueish-green, it does have a considerable amount of gray in it, which gives the color a more neutral vibe than Rainwashed. Because of the darker undertone, this color will look much darker in rooms that don’t get a lot of light.

how thick should board and batten be?

Ultimately I went with Silver Strand for the board and batten accent wall in my daughter’s bedroom, and I’ve never been more pleased with how a paint color turned out!

LRV 59

Green Blue by Farrow and Ball

Farrow and Ball thought this color combination was the absolute perfect blend of green and blue that they named it as such! Changing between more of a blue or more of a green depending on time of day and amount of light, Green Blue is perfect for a powder room! Based on reviews, many people said this color looks like more of a blue during the day and green at night.

LRV of 65

Be sure to check out one of my other favorite Farrow and Ball paint colors, Pigeon.

Palladian Blue by Benjamin Moore

A warm, spa-like blue with a small hint of green, Palladian Blue is just magical! This color looks absolutely stunning when paired with a darker navy blue with grey undertones.

LRV of 61

Opaline by Sherwin Williams

One of the lightest blue green hues on this list, Sherwin Williams Opaline is a barely-there sea foam color with just the right amount of pigment without getting washed out. If you want that beautiful turquoise but don’t wan’t too much saturation, Opaline is simply beautiful.

Please note: as this color is very light, if you use this in a room that has a lot of natural light, it will wash out a bit. Go a bit darker if this is the case. If you like Opaline, it’s worth also checking out Fleur de Sel.

LRV of 72

Snowbound by Behr

If you enjoy the mix of blue and green but don’t want to go too dark, Snowbound or Sea Foam (reviewed below) are great options. Contrary to its name, Snowbound gives off a very light minty vibe and is perfect for bedrooms or bathrooms. This color is also really pretty on front doors; especially if your home is white or light gray!

This is another tone that could get washed out in rooms with a lot of natural light, so be sure to test this one out and observe throughout the day before you commit.

LRV 80

Sea Foam by Benjamin Moore

The lightest color on this list, Sea Foam is like a day at the beach! This is a great color to use if you just have one small window in a room or if the room faces opposite the sun most of the day. Painted in a room with significant light, it will look very, very light and almost give off a white hue.

LRV of 84

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Sea Salt has been popular for years, primarily gracing bathrooms and bedrooms thanks to its soothing color. This pale color has a gray undertone to it, making it appear a bit more like a neutral color than some of the more pigmented hues on this list. Sea Salt has an LRV of 64, making it a pretty light blue-green hue. 

Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments

With an LRV of 61, Quiet Moments is fairly light, but it’s a bit more pigmented than some of the other colors on this list like Opaline, Sea Foam and Sea Salt. This color also has a gray undertone to in and tends to pull a bit more green than blue. 

Sherwin Williams Breezy

A medium-toned blue with just a whisper of green make this color a perfect choice for those looking for a blue-green with more blue than green.

Watch my video on 8 of the best blue green colors below:

Best dark blue green paint colors

Use darker blue green paint colors in areas where you want to create drama! Make sure you have ample light when choosing these darker shades, as in low lighting situations they can almost look black!

Waterloo by Sherwin Williams

dark blue green paint colors

One of my favorite paint colors of all time, Waterloo is absolutely breathtaking. Waterloo works perfectly as an accent wall color, used in a media room or even on cabinetry. Waterloo definitely has more navy blue color than green in it and also has notes of gray, which all come together to create this beautiful smoky blue tone.

LRV of 13

Inchyra Blue by Farrow and Ball

Inchyra Blue is a dark blue mixed with green and undertones of gray. This pretty hue is a bit of a chameleon and can read blue, green or even more gray depending on the light in the room you paint it in. Make sure to view the paint sample throughout the day and observe the color you see before you go all in with this color!

LRV of 12

Newburg Green by Benjamin Moore

Looking very much like a true dark teal, Newburg Green is a very rich paint color. Newburg green looks beautiful when mixed with natural elements and decor styles and easily ads depth and drama to any space it’s used in. Newburg Green reminds me of the Benjamin Moore 2021 Paint Color of the Year, Aegean Teal.

LRV of 8.79

Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball

The darkest color on the list, Hague Blue is a dark, moody tone that works wonderfully to create drama and add significant depth to a room. If you’re afraid of black paint colors, but really like the statement they make, try Hague Blue, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

LRV of 7

Sherwin Williams Aegean Teal

If you’re searching for a medium-dark color with about an equal amount of blue and green, Aegean Teal is one to try out. There might be a hint of a gray undertone in this color that really works to give Aegean Teal a bit of a steely undertone. 

Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay 

Oyster Bay reminds me of a pretty silvery sage hue with a subtle blue undertone. This medium-depth color is perfect for someone who wants more of a sage tone with just a bit more personality than your typical sage. 

Sherwin Williams Sea Serpent

Sea Serpent is a dark navy paint color with a slight green undertone. I love colors that are slight deviations from the norm. If you really like the blue-green in Sea Serpent make sure you paint it in a room that has ample light or the green will be lost. 

Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne

Mount Saint Ann is a medium-dark paint color that’s beautiful on cabinetry, in offices, or even powder rooms. This pretty hue pulls a bit more green than blue and looks beautiful when accented with brass hardware and fixtures.

Helpful hints on choosing the best blue green paint color

These blue-green hues can be tricky! If you don’t test out samples on the actual walls/items you want to paint and observe them throughout the day, you will likely be disappointed with the color choice.

I learned the hard way many years ago–don’t ever go off of a paint sample! Before you even start looking at paint samples observe the amount of light the room gets. If the room is opposite the sun most of the day, paint colors will look dramatically different than on walls that have ample light.

Make sure you check out the peel and stick paint samples from Samplize to compare multiple colors all at once, without the mess!

Have questions about picking the best blueish green paint color? Let me know below! You can also browse my guide on how to choose paint colors, as you decide on the right color for you!

What’s the most popular blue-green paint color by Sherwin Williams?

SW Sea Salt and SW Rainwashed are two of the most popular green blue colors on the market. 

Likewise, Palladian Blue is the most popular blueish green hue by Benjamin Moore

What colors pair well with blue-green?

Blue green colors go with many neutrals as they work well with neutrals that have a blue/green undertone to them, like many grays, they also work with neutrals that have a green undertone or neutrals that have a blue undertone.

In terms of lighter colors, Wickham Gray, Bunny Gray, Repose Gray, Agreeable Gray and Edgecomb Gray are just a few of some neutral colors that pair really well with blue-green colors. 

You can also pair greenish blue colors with darker or lighter greens or blues for a pretty look.

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  1. I have been on the roller coaster of picking the perfect blue green for my master bedroom. Thank you for your advice. I have experienced everything you have mentioned.Still searching, sampling, and testing after three weeks and counting.