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Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal: The 2021 paint color of the year

Taking its cues from culture, fashion and geography, Benjamin Moore has named Aegean Teal its 2021 Paint Color of the Year. A dark bold bluish green, Aegean Teal is simply breathtaking.

A noticable departure from many of the gray and greige colors that have dominated home interiors for years, Aegean Teal is a welcomed new hue.

Perfect for cabinets in offices, accent walls or even powder rooms, aegean teal is a powerful paint choice that you won’t regret.

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What color is Aegean Teal?

Aegean Teal is a wonderful blend of blue green with undertones of gray. Anytime a darker color has a gray undertone, it gives the color a milky look, which just works to make this teal color rich and creamy and not too cool of a color.

Grab a 12×12 peel and stick sample of Aegean Teal here.

Aegean Teal color palette

Alongside Aegean Teal, Benjamin Moore revealed several other colors that were highlighted for 2021. Colors that work well with Aegeal Teal include Gray Cashmere, Atrium White and Chestertown Bluff.

In keeping with a cooler color palette, you could use Atrium White and Gray Cashmere with Aegean Teal, as all three of the colors have a gray undertone and Aegean Teal and Gray Cashmere both have that bluish green undertone, as well.

If you wanted to work with a warmer color palette, you could simply add Chestertown Bluff to the mix. Adding the warm yellow to the palette works to soften up a space and works beautifully alongside the teal color.

5 ways to use Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal in your home

Because Aegean Teal is such a bold color, many homeowners are finding they are happy using the color as an accent, rather than throughout their entire home.

Aegeal Teal on kitchen cabinets

In another post I reviewed the 2021 kitchen renovation trends, and as predicted, people are in favor of moving away from the all-white kitchen trend. While white on kitchen cabinets will always be ‘in’ as far as I’m convinced, adding an accent of a darker toned color is certainly on trend now. I’m a huge fan of adding a pop of color on lower cabinetry, on the island only, or on a stand alone piece of cabinetry in a kitchen.

Use on an accent wall

Recently, we revealed our younger daughter’s board and batten accent wall, where we used the color Rainwashed, but had I been after a darker hue, Aegean Teal would have been simply beautiful. I would have paired the accent wall with either Atrium White or Gray Cashmere.

On built-in cabinetry

If you’re going to go through the trouble of adding expensive built ins, make sure you make them front and center in your space. One great way to to do this is by painting them a bold, dramatic color.

Aegean Teal is an absolutely perfect choice for built in cabinetry. Add gold hardware, touches of warm wooden tones and a mix of leather and lighter fabric furniture and you’ve got a space even a designer would envy.

In the laundry room

If you can’t have fun with color in the laundry room, where can you? The laundry room is the absolute best place to get creative with color! Just think how much Aegean teal colored cabinets will make you smile each time you go in to fold clothes! Aegean teal looks beautiful when combined with a warm-toned butcher block counter, too!

On your front door

Why not use Aegean Teal on your front door? The beautiful teal color looks great when paired with a creamy white house color, like one of my all time favorites, Dove White by Benjamin Moore, or you could also try Atrium White. It would also be beautiful alongside Gray cashmere. If you went this route, I’d complete the look by bringing in elements like planters, throw pillows or even front porch furniture close in color to Chestertown Bluff.

If you like the idea of aegean teal but think it might be too bold for your space, check out some lighter green blue tones.

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  1. Thank you for your post. I love BM’s Aegean Teal color. Do you think it could be used as an exterior house color? I live in the Midwest ( I’ve read other posts that say this should be used only in coastal areas) in a subdivision and it is a North facing house and a raised ranch type house. I’ve love BM Blue Echo too. Could either of those work?
    Thanks so much,

    1. I would think of this color on exteriors more for coastal areas, but rules are meant to be broken! It’s a beautiful color, and if you love it, go for it. If you’re planning to move soon, maybe go with a more neutral or traditional color, but if you’re staying put for a while and it brings you joy…go for it!!–Ashley