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10 of the prettiest interior door colors

Paint is the most inexpensive way to dress up a space. Now that the walls in homes are increasingly becoming more muted, painted interior doors are getting all the attention.

We recently painted the door to our kids bath Iron Ore, and plan to paint our new french doors to match our black interior window trim color. I’d also like to paint our bathroom door a fun color, too.

Thinking about adding some color to your doors? Here’s everything you should know about interior door colors, plus our favorite color choices.

interior door colors

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Should I paint all interior doors the same color?

Yes, all interior doors should match, but there are exceptions to this rule!

If you just want to paint the interior color of your front door, that does not mean you need to paint all of your other doors to match. In fact, I love when homeowners paint the interior of the front door only–it’s such a good color pop.

We have black window trim on the interior and exterior of our windows and when we replace our back doors soon we will be painting those doors to match the window color.

You also can get away with just painting doors that are unique. For example, we adding a sliding door to out kids bath (to help maximize space) and because this door looked completely different than our other doors, we painted it.

I’ve also seen people paint sliding barn doors that lead to rooms in main areas of their homes a different color and that looks awesome.

Some people choose to paint their pantry door if it stands alone, and that can look good, too!

Do doors and trim have to match?

Whether you choose to match your trim to your doors is completely up to you. I have seen it both ways and it just comes down to a matter of personal preference.

The most common look is to just paint your door and then use whatever trim color is in the rest of your home for the trim work.

Interior door paint colors

interior door paint colors

The biggest trend right now with interior door paint colors is to use something in the black paint color family.

Greige interior doors are also becoming popular as well. The real fun pop of color is with those stand alone doors, like barn doors or the back of your front door. We’ll give our favorite options for all three scenarios!

Iron Ore

Looking to make a statement but don’t want to be too dramatic? Iron Ore is for you! SW Iron Ore is a “soft black” and has a lot of gray undertones making it more of a dark charcoal color. Iron Ore is the color we chose for our kids’ bath door and I absolutely love the statement it makes in the bathroom and in the hallway.

Get a peel and stick sample of Iron Ore.

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron is another soft black color and very, very similar to Iron Ore, although just a hair lighter. If you want a more subtle black color, try Iron Ore and Wrought Iron together and see which one works better for your space. Both colors have gray undertones, but the gray undertone is stronger in Wrought Iron.

Get a peel and stick sample of Wrought Iron.

Black Magic

Black Magic is a very true black paint color and the color we chose for our interior window frames when we replaced our windows recently. I like Black Magic a lot because it makes a huge statement and is really free of undertones that you typically see in other black paint colors.

Get a peel and stick sample of Black Magic.

Accessible Beige

I’ve reviewed Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige extensively as we’ve used it in the walls in our main living area. I’ve recently seen Accessible Beige doors paired with creamy white walls, and I have to say–it’s breathtaking. I get major modern European style vibes with this combo.

Accessible beige can be tricky though, so make sure you test it out in your space, as it tends to look much darker in the absence of a lot of natural light.

Get a peel and stick sample of Accessible Beige.

Revere Pewter

BM Revere Pewter is one of the best greige paint colors of all time. Revere Pewter is a greige color, falling right in the middle of gray and beige–making it a great neutral color. It does have some green undertones to it, so make sure you test it out and compare it to the fixed elements in your home.

Get a peel and stick sample of Revere Pewter.

Knitting Needles

Knitting Needles is a really pretty soft gray color. I’d categorize this as a greige color because of the more taupe undertones in it. Just like most gray-beige colors, Knitting Needles will read more beige in rooms with less light and more of a light gray in rooms with more light.

Get a peel and stick sample of Knitting Needles.

Gray Owl

I absolutely love Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore. It’s much lighter than a lot of grays you’ll find, which really helps to make this color seem much brighter. This pretty color has a blue/green undertone to it, so make sure it works well with the trim color you’ve chosen, as well as your floors and furniture.

Get a peel and stick sample of Gray Owl.

Steely Gray

Steely Gray would be absolutely divine on sliding barn doors. This beautiful charcoal color has a blue undertone but it’s still neutral enough to work well with most color palettes. I’d complement this color with a creamy white tone.

Get a peel and stick sample of Steely Gray.

Hale Navy

I love the idea of painting the interior of your front door a fun pop of color like Hale Navy. This would also work as a stand alone color on a barn door, too. Hale Navy is a great way to add drama and depth to a room, as it’s a pretty dark navy.

Grab a sample of Hale Navy.

New York State of Mind

I love New York State of Mind for a fun pop of color that could be used on stand alone doors or the interior side of your front door. This navy paint color has a good bit of teal in it, which works to really lighten it up.

Grab a sample of New York State of Mind.

Still on the hunt for interior door colors? Check out our pics for the best black paint colors or our favorite neutral paint choices.

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