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The best green paint colors for your home

Going for a calming and serene look? Light green paint colors will work wonders at giving any space tranquility. If a relaxing vibe isn’t what you’re after, but you’d still like to stay in the green color family, try a moody dark green hue to create drama and provide depth to a room.

On the hunt for the perfect green paint color to complement your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom? Here are my favorite green hues.

Light green paint colors

Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams

Green paint colors

I’m a huge fan of green paint colors that have a grey undertone, as it tends to the paint color a creaminess to it that I just love when searching for a lighter green paint color. Oyster Bay is simply stunning and has a tinge of blue in addition to the gray undertones.

I’ve also exclusively reviewed green paints that have more of a greyish green vibe, if you’re interested.

Ancient marble by Sherwin Williams

light green paint colors

At first blush, Ancient Marble looks like a beige, greige or even a brown paint color. Don’t let the color chip fool you– this is actually a very light green paint color.

I fell in love with Ancient Marble when searching for the perfect color choice for the vanity in our kids’ bathroom makeover. I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and think it’s simply beautiful–especially when paired with gold hardware.

Silver Sage by Benjamin Moore

sage green paint colors

The lightest green paint color on this list, Silver Sage is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a green paint color in a room that doesn’t get much light. I’ve recommended Silver Sage many times, as I feel its a perfect neutral paint color, and it happens to be the paint choice I opted to use in my daughter’s room.

Silver sage is a warm green tone with a grey undertone that works to significantly lighten up the hue. See more shades of sage green here.

Pigeon by Farrow and Ball

popular green paint colors

Pigeon is a very popular light green paint color with gray undertones and just a hint of blue. Skyrocketed to popularity lately thanks to the hordes of interior designers recommending it for cabinetry, powder rooms and bedrooms, Pigeon is a stunning color choice.

Pigeon was originally the color I was going to go with for our kids’ bathroom revamp, but since we don’t have any windows in the room, it was a bit too dark for the look I was going for.

Depending on your lighting situation Pigeon will either read more green or blue, so make sure you view the color throughout the day to ensure you’re picking the right hue for your space.

Mineral Green by Magnolia Home

Mineral Green reminds me of everyone’s favorite color– Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams. A member of Joanna Gaines’ paint collection, Mineral Green is nearly a perfect blend of blue, green and frosty gray.

Depending on your lighting, sometimes this color can reed more of an eggshell blue than green, so it’s worth testing out a sample first before making your final decision.

Magnolia Green by Magnolia Home

Closer to the traditional green hue, Magnolia Green is a great paint choice. A slight gray undertone works to turn down the green and soften up the color a bit, but despite its bold appearance, Magnolia Green is still neutral enough for most spaces.

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams

If you’ve red my other post where I highlighted some of my favorite farmhouse colors, you know I’ve recommended Sea Salt before, as I think it works beautifully in most homes.

Depending on the natural light you receive in your room, Sea Salt either looks like a pretty aqua marine or more of a blue/gray color.

Dark green paint colors

Green Smoke by Farrow and Ball

dark green paint colors

Just like the name implies, Green Smoke is a beautiful rich green that gives off a “smoky” vibe thanks to its frosty gray-blue undertones. This hue really shines next to wooden tones and looks exquisite when used in offices or on cabinetry.

In rooms with ample natural light, Green Smoke reads more green, but in situations with little to no natural light, the color will appear more blue.

Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore

green paint colors for kitchen cabinets

A beautiful dark teal green, Tarrytown Green has undertones of blue and gray. Working well paired with traditional decor and modern spaces alike, Tarrytown Green is often a go-to when designers are looking to add dramatic flair in a space.

Just like some of the lighter green colors on this list, Terrytown Green pairs beautifully with gold finishes. If you like the look of Terrytown Green but want a little more blue in it, check out my review on Aegean Teal.

Enchanted Forest by Benjamin Moore

green paint colors for bedrooms

Looking for the perfect army green color? Enchanted Forest is a perfect pick! Working perfectly for accent walls, offices or even powder rooms, Enchanted Forest has just a tinge of a gray undertone.

Isle of Pines by Sherwin Williams

Isle of Pines is one of designers’ top picks for a statement making choice–whether used on front doors, on an accent wall or on built in cabinetry, you can’t go wrong with this stunning hue.

Billiard Green by Sherwin Williams

Similar in color to Isle of Pines, Billiard Green is a rich green color, softened just a bit by a grey undertone. Dark, moody kitchen cabinets are in, and designers and homeowners are flocking to this Billiard Green to use on their cabinetry.

Psst! Looking for even more greenish colors? Here I’ve reviewed some of my favorite greens that fall into the pewter color family. You might also check out the 2022 paint color of the year, Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog.

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