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12 bathroom vanity colors you’ve got to try

White, blue, green, purple, and beige–just to name a few–the possibilities are endless in terms of bathroom vanity colors. Whether you’re remodeling an outdated bathroom or sprucing up your old vanity with a fresh coat of paint, give your room personality when you pick a vanity color that goes the extra mile.

In this curated list of bathroom vanity colors, I’ll offer suggestions on classic colors that will withstand the test of time and also pepper in several fun color choices, because, after all, it’s just paint!

Stick around until the end if you’re DIYing your vanity paint job, as I’ve pulled my resident expert in, (aka Daniel) to help us with some painting tips.

What’s the most popular color for a bathroom vanity?

White has been the most popular vanity color for decades now, and still is a great choice. Blues are also very popular as well.

Lately homeowners have increasingly been stepping out of the box with vanity colors, opening up a world of possibilities. The great thing about paint is it can be easily repainted, so why not have fun with your vanity color?

What color vanity is in for 2023?

Blush/mauve will be huge for 2023, as evident by both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams’ 2023 color of the year picks.

White will continue to be the most popular color selected, but hopefully you know by know that the world of white is anything but boring, especially with warm white paint colors really having a moment in the spotlight.

Top bathroom vanity colors

Our farmhouse bathroom with a white vanity.

Sherwin Williams Naval

We’ll kick things off with a relatively safe choice, but here, safe is anything but boring, thanks to the smoldering hue Sherwin Williams Naval gives off.

Navy blue is a classic vanity color that will still look good decades from now and looks perfect with the cool tones of marble and clean white subway tile, just to name a few paring suggestions.

I tend to recommend Hale Navy vanities be adorned with stainless steel knobs/pulls. Naval is one of the darkest navy blue paint options, so make sure you test it out before committing to see if it works in your space.

Sherwin Williams Opaline

Looking for a soft, light blue green hue? Sherwin Williams Opaline might be right for you. This spa-like tone is perfect for a bathroom vanity, but it is light! If you want something in this same vein, but with more pigment, I’d look towards Sherwin Williams Sea Salt or Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue.

Colors like Opaline that have a combination of colors can be chameleons, and Oplaline will often look more blue or green depending on the room’s surrounding decor and natural light available. You can also play up either blue or green more by using decor that favors one shade over another.

Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush

Things are about to get pretty punchy in here with this next choice! Raspberry Blush is Benjamin Moore’s 2023 paint color of the year, and after years of very muted hues, I’m pretty excited about this beauty.

I can see this in a bold powder room or fun basement bathroom with classic black and white floor tile. I’d likely stick with stainless steel vanity pulls/knobs with this bold choice.

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray

Although many people are tired of gray and want light and fresh,Ben Moore Boothbay Gray will always be a favorite color of mine. Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray is simply beautiful.

It’s definitely cool gray but it reads like a pale blue in the right light. I’d recommend this color for a vanity if you have a cool-toned marble, plain white subway tile or other cool fixed elements.

Boothbay Gray is too cool to go with the warmer quartz tones, so steer clear of this color if you have a quartz vanity top. This is another color that I’d pair with Stainless Steel, but I also think matte black or gold finishes would work too.

Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green

Tarrytown Green is a beautiful, rich green color that would be simply stunning paired with quartz countertops and gold knobs and pulls. I love a deep green vanity, especially when paired with black and white tile.

Tarrytown Green is one of my favorite dark green paint colors, but if you’re paining this in a space without a lot of natural light, like a powder or hall bath, make sure you test out your color, first. Dark colors look even darker in the absence of natural light.

Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue

Seeking a pretty medium-toned blue for your bathroom vanity? Van Courtland Blue is a stunning blue that doesn’t have a green undertone like a lot of blues; it’s just a really good medium-depth blue. A good in-between color if navy is too dark and you don’t want a light blue.

Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue

Since blue is one of the most popular vanity colors, I’ve included three options on this list. A navy, a medium-depth hue and then Wythe Blue. While Wythe Blue isn’t a powdery baby blue, it’s not quite at the same depth as say, Van Courtland Blue.

Unlike the blue hue I named above, Wythe Blue does have a green undertone to it. Depending on how you feel about blue hues that sometimes go green, you can either play up either the blue or the green with your decor.

Benjamin Moore Misty Blush

If you’re going for that ultra feminine look with just the perfect shade of pink, why not try Misty Blush on the vanity. This ultra-pale tone has just the right amount of pink and would look stunning when paired with a white quartz countertop and either stainless steel or gold plumbing fixtures.

Sherwin Williams Cascade Green

Planning a more organic vibe with your bathroom new build or reno? Check out Sherwin Williams Cascade Green. This hue is a light green gray hue that pairs well with quartz or marble with a green undertone to it.

I’d recommend stainless steel fixtures with this color choice, and gold would be my second option.

If Cascade Green isn’t your style, you can find more Sherwin Williams gray green hues here.

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

I love the idea of white for a bathroom vanity. While I love a pop of color on a vanity, you can’t go wrong with a classic and timeless look with a soft white. Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a popular choice in terms of white paint colors, and while it is a white hue, it’s more like an off-white hue.

I tend to recommend white tones like Alabaster, as the off-white tone typically pairs better with the creaminess in quartz.

Benjamin Moore Newburg Green

I love a dark teal hue in bathrooms and Newburg Green fits the bill here. This deeply saturated mix of blue green is stunning; especially when combined with gold fixtures and hardware.

This is a pretty dark hue, so be forewarned, it will come across as almost black in a bathroom without natural light.

Benjamin Moore Raccoon Fur

A smoldering black-blue hue, Raccoon Fur is a dramatic color choice for a bathroom vanity. The blue/purple undertone of Raccoon Fur is subtle, and can be observed more in bathrooms with a lot of natural light.

I like pairing this color with gold fixtures and hardware for drama and stainless steel for a more classic look.

Need even more color inspo? Check out my post on the best bathroom paint colors for 2022.

How to choose a bathroom vanity color

Now that I’ve given you some color inspiration, you may be wondering how you go about choosing the right tone for your bathroom vanity in the first place.

Just like with wall colors, when choosing a bathroom vanity color you must take note of the room’s biggest show stealers. We’re talking the vanity top, the floors and surrounding tile. Anything that would be too costly to be replace must be considered when you are making your decision.

Here’s a couple quick tips on getting the color right:

  • When going with a saturated hue (non-neutral) make sure the “pop of color” isn’t the only “pop of color” in the room. Ideally, you want the vanity color to be repeated in the room, rather than be the only thing grabbing attention.
  • When going with a neutral hue, pay attention to undertones. You want your undertones to match. For more help on this, use the search function on my blog, I’ve reviewed all of the neutral categories.

A word about choosing a white vanity color

All neutral hues (gray, white, taupe and beige) are really hard to get right if you don’t know what you’re doing, but white is especially hard.

If you are selecting a white vanity color and you have a white vanity top you need to pay very close attention to the undertones in your vanity top before making a decision about the specific white paint to pair it with.

I mentioned above that most quartz counters are very creamy, pairing well with off-white tones (shades like White Dove, Alabaster, Cloud Cover, etc), but some are more on the cooler side, pairing well with true whites and blue whites.

If you are using marble, keep in mind that most marble is very cool-toned, meaning you need to mix it with whites that are either true whites or whites that are blue whites.

If you need more help in choosing the right white, check out my post on white paint colors and white cabinet paint help.

What’s the best bathroom vanity paint choice in terms of staying power?

A bathroom vanity gets lots of wear and tear, so if you’re DIYing your bathroom vanity paint job, it’s best to follow these guidelines:

Oil based paints are traditionally the best for use with cabinetry, doors and trim for two reasons.

One, they offer a smooth and glassy finish while remaining workable with a paint brush for a longer period of time than do the typical water based paints.

Two, when fully cured, they offer and harder and more durable surface than water based paints.

Here’s the thing, though. Oil based paints are just annoying. There’s simply no other way to say it.

They fill your house with strong odors, they take forever to dry before you can apply the next coat, and cleaning up your brush afterwards requires mineral spirits or paint thinner, which in turns leaves behind its own set of messes.

Bummer, right!? Well we have some good news for you. There are a few water based products on the market now that come so close to delivering what has been exclusive to oil based products until recently.

Behr’s “Cabinet, Door & Trim Enamel” paint is a water based paint with all the pros of an oil based product – without the odor, the long periods of time literally watching paint dry, or the never ending mess.

This paint applies so incredibly smoothly, remains workable for long enough to get a continuous brush stroke from one end of a door to the other, and hardens once cured the way an oil based paint does. We can’t recommend this paint more highly!

And one last tip… The higher the sheen, the better a paint can handle high moisture areas, so go with a semi-gloss or higher when painting something that will end up in a bathroom.

Your teenagers know they’re supposed to turn the fan on for their 45 minutes showers, but we all know they won’t remember, so protect your vanity with a sheen capable of handling moisture.

Now that you have a color for your bathroom vanity, why not check out my post on the best small bathroom paint colors?

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