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Farmhouse bathroom design inspiration

We completed our farmhouse bathroom renovation in the spring of 2019 and we’re still majorly in love. Our bathroom has been shared over 400,000 times and remains the favorite room in our entire home.

In today’s post we’re going to break down what went into creating our farmhouse bathroom and how everything’s holding up, nearly three years later. I’ll also share more of my favorite modern farmhouse bathrooms to give you some more inspiration.

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What colors are good for a farmhouse bathroom?

We’ll start out with the color palette. I wanted a very classic farmhouse vibe and for that reason, we went with white walls, black and white tile, a warm wooden ceiling and wooden accents.

Our wall color is Benjamin Moore White Dove, which is a perfect farmhouse bathroom paint color, as it’s more of a soft white. Other soft white paint colors I’d recommend for a farmhouse bathroom would be:

Our farmhouse bathroom walls

Nothing says farmhouse quite like shiplap. Contrary to popular belief, shiplap is not a design newcomer, but has been around for a looong time.

There are many DIY tutorials out there for fake shiplap, but we went with the real deal for aesthetics and practicality.

We went with primed finger joint shiplap that can be found at many big box stores. These boards are made of solid wood and don’t warp over time.

We had many questions about installing shiplap in a bathroom, with many people concerned about the product holding up with all the moisture in the bathroom.

The first order of business is making sure you have enough ventilation, after that, as long as all wood is properly sealed and you get the paint grade lumber, you will be fine.

Here you can read more about our farmhouse shiplap bathroom and how to protect the material correctly.

Our farmhouse bathroom vanity

We went with a classic white vanity with a warm white quartz countertop. The vanity came with chrome handles and to match it to the overall theme of the space, we swapped them out for matte black handles.

Our farmhouse bathroom shower

White subway tile is stacked classically all the way up both shower walls. We went with a traditional rectangle-shaped subway and paired it with black grout, which is fairly identifiable with the farmhouse style.

Admittedly, black grout has been a bit of a paint to deal with and you can read more of our saga with white tile with black grout here.

Black grout with white tile is not the only way to go if you want that farmhouse style bathroom, and you can get some more Inso when you check out my post on tile and grout color combinations.

Farmhouse bathroom decor that added to the overall farmhouse vibe

Adding wooden elements like our round wooden mirrors, wooden stool and towels adds warmth to the bathroom and gives it that farmhouse feel. We also added black vanity lights and a star pendant over the bathtub that also worked to shape the overall farmhouse vibe.

Even more farmhouse bathroom ideas

Rustic farmhouse bathroom

This mirror gives me nautical vibes, but otherwise, this is a quintessential farmhouse bathroom. You can only see a little bit of the floor, but the real brick floor in a herringbone pattern is simply beautiful and gives it that rustic look.

This natural wood floating vanity sets the tone for the whole room, giving off rustic farmhouse vibes. The square sink reminds me of the farmhouse kitchen sinks, too!

Modern farmhouse bathroom

Painting the shiplap walls a color other than white or warm white is a modern take on the farmhouse bathroom. Here, a modern wall color and flooring has been paired with a more rustic vanity to give it that farmhouse feel.

I call this bathroom farmhouse meets city. The shiplap, round wooden mirror and soapstone give off farmhouse vibes, but then it’s met with a polished textured wall paper, classic moulding and a sophisticated light fixture.

Farmhouse can easily be combined with other styles and here’s a great example of meshing two looks perfectly.

This modern tile is calmed down with rustic, yet modern cabinets. The pendant lights are more modern looking, but they definitely have that farmhouse vibe, and if you look closely you can see a black door, which is classic farmhouse.

This bathroom is fairly modern, yet follows the classic farmhouse color scheme with white, black and wooden tones.

A natural wooden farmhouse vanity with matte black handles and classic farmhouse large-scale hexagonal tile points to a farmhouse vibe. The modern sinks and classic sconces point to a more classic look.

Here’s another farmhouse meets current with this simple and cute bathroom.

I’d call this a modern farmhouse bathroom, with the pitch black windows, classic shiplap and gold finishes.

Farmhouse style bathroom

Black and white floor tile is echoed with the shower tile and rounded off with the circular mirror and butcher block countertop. A half shiplap wall is seen here, which can be a fun way to inject a little color onto the walls.

Here’s a farmhouse meets glam that’s done beautifully. The shiplap and rustic ceiling scream farmhouse, while the classic fixtures, marble tile and timeless white cabinetry lean more towards traditional.

If you like this look, you can find more wood ceiling ideas here.

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