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A Jenny Lind Bed: in my daughter’s room, plus my recommendations for other spindle beds

When it was time to trade my oldest daughter’s crib for a big kid bed, I opted for a traditional Jenny Lind Bed. Recognized most often by those sweet, little turned posts, there’s something just so endearing about the Jenny Lind Bed.

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Why is it called a Jenny Lind Bed?

Jenny Lind is a style of beds, and is characterized by sturdy construction and classic spinal posts. The charming bed is named for a woman named Jenny Lind, a hugely popular opera singer in the 1800s, who apparently slept in a bed with rounded posts.

So while this sweet bed was made popular in the 1850s, around the height of Jenny Lind’s career, this classic bed style is still very popular today–mostly showing up in nursery and children’s rooms.

Where can I find a Jenny Lind Bed?

Because these beds have been around for centuries, you can find them anywhere. Most major retailers carry them, but if you’re willing to look, you can find them second hand, as well.

Crate and Barrel Jenny Lind Bed

I’m not shy, I’ll just go ahead and claim it, I love Crate and Barrel. When it was time to source my daughter’s bed, that’s the first place I stopped.

I immediately fell in love with their Jenny Lind Bed. Besides the look and feel, this bed is solid and you won’t have any worries about pillow fights or jumping parties brining down this bed.

Built with poplar wood, this is very sturdy, attractive bed. While CB’s Jenny Lind stays true to the classic style, it does have a bit of a modern flair to it.

Crate and Barrel’s Jenny Lind bed shown in maple.

It also passes Daniel’s ‘up to snuff’ test and he repeatedly commented on how well it was put together (which he rarely does when I buy something online, ha). This beautiful bed comes in white, black, natural and gray.

They also have a Jenny Lind Daybed and I loved my daughter’s Jenny Lind so much, I purchased a daybed for our play room (pics of that to come as soon as we finish our playroom Reno!)

Trust me, you won’t have any regrets going with this one.

Ballard Designs Jenny Lind Bed

Ballard Designs is another great quality brand that never disappoints. I have curtains, tables and rugs from them and have never been upset with the quality. This Jenny Lind Bed is very nicely priced, despite being made with hardwood.

Ballard Designs Jenny Lind Bed shown in black.

The only downside is this beautiful bed only comes in a queen size and is only available in white and black. I do like this bed a lot, as it’s just a bit more on the delicate side when compared to the C& B one.

Birch Lane Jenny Lind

This coffee-stained wood spindle bed is simply beautiful and perfect for kids or adults room. Made out of solid wood, as well, this bed comes in two sizes (queen/king) and also comes in black. Another great option, especially if you’re on the hunt for a more antique looking Jenny Lind Classic.

Pottery Barn Jenny Lind Bed

Pottery Barn spindle bed

Now, this bed not quite like a true Jenny Lind style, but its in the ballpark and if you want something that reminds you of this type of style and in a pretty princess pink (also comes in white, too) this might work for you.

Pottery Barn is another favorite of mine and I have honestly never been disappointed by anything I’ve purchased from them. My daughter has a dresser from their and has held up well and still looks brand new despite her repeatedly slamming it shut. Just like the C&B bed, this one is also constructed with solid wood.

Antique Jenny Lind Beds

The easiest and most affordable option is to find a second hand Jenny Lind style bed, as there are plenty of them floating around. You can shop antique stores, second-hand stores, attend estate sales or even score them on eBay.

Facebook marketplace is also another great option to find a Jenny Lind bed and I’m totally kicking myself that I didn’t start my search for my daughter’s bed there first. A quick search now pulls up several beautiful options, most for under $200, a fraction of the cost of what I paid.

One huge advantage (besides the cost savings, of course) of finding an antique Jenny Lind Bed is the construction and quality of material used. Antique Jenny Lind Beds are made out of solid mahogany, meaning they’re virtually indestructible. Find a true Jenny Lind and you’ll likely be passing it down to your grandkids.

Mixing old with new has always been a classic design, highlighted in transitional style, but these days it’s also a popular design aesthetic too, so you may find that you don’t even want to restore your old school Jenny Lind.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, scoring an antique spindle bed gives you the opportunity to specify whatever color you want for the bed, which really ups the customization factor, and you guys know how much I love a good paint color.

Styling a Jenny Lind Bed

Just because Jenny Lind Beds were popular in the 1800s and again today, doesn’t mean your home needs to fit a certain mold or design style to house them. I’d call our style modern farmhouse meets transitional and the Jenny Lind bed in my daughter’s room fits right in.

In fact, I have paired her bed with more a modern looking end table and dresser and to me, the room all works well together.

The only general advice I’d give when styling one of these pretty spindle beds is to make sure you show off the spindles! The bed in my daughters room was made so well we didn’t do a box spring and I didn’t want to anyway because that would have bumped up the mattress too high to really see the pretty spindles at the top.

Beyond that, you want to make the room look “collected,” so if you go with a white spindle bed, perhaps you go with a natural stained dresser or a painted nightstand and throw in a natural fiber rug, for example.

Most all of the retailers that I recommended above sold matching dressers and nightstands, but I would really encourage you to only order the bed and source your dresser and nightstand elsewhere.

Making a mood board with products you plan to use to pull together a room can really help you create something that flows well before you purchase anything!

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