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2023 Bathroom Trends

As more and more homeowners see their bathroom as a room to recharge and relax, bathroom remodels or builds are more important than ever. With scope, price and square footage all trending upwards, bathrooms are finally getting their chance to shine.

Planning a bathroom remodel or designing a new build in 2023? Don’t finalize your plans until you read about the latest in bathroom trends and design.

Bathroom color trends

White is still a favorite color when it comes to hue of the vanity, vanity top and tile, but color is slowly inching its way up the popularity ladder.

Interior designers are increasingly reaching for bolder, more vibrant color choices and are having fun inserting color through unique tile colors. The color green in particular is very popular in kitchens and even bathrooms as homeowners rush to add green tile or even green paint to their bathroom walls.

Here you can find small bathroom paint color ideas.

Pattern is also making a big splash in bathrooms lately as many homeowners choose vibrant designs through wallpaper to add to their powder and hall baths.

Browse my picks for bathroom paint colors in 2022 and beyond.

Bathroom vanity trends

Vanities are expanding in size and material used and designers expect that to be trending for years to come.

As the pull towards bringing the outside in, organic and natural materials are being used more and more; especially in the bathroom. A wooden vanity has started to become very popular and will be big in 2023.

Vanities are also getting much longer nowadays, with the majority of vanities as long as 60 inches in length. Double sinks are a must in primary bathrooms and shaker style doors are still the most popular door look for vanities.

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A small, but growing trend which should be much bigger in 2023 is the idea of single vanities on opposite sides of the bathroom in the primary bathroom. Some homeowners want to create separate spaces for getting ready rather than sharing one long vanity, as you can see in the photo below.

You’ve likely seen the extra thick countertop material on kitchen islands in the past, and now this trend is making its way into bathrooms, as well. Designed to create a show-stopping effect, these extra thick countertops make quite the dramatic statement.

See our completed farmhouse shiplap bathroom or our hall bath/laudry room combo here!

Bathroom tile trends

While traditional white subway tiles still is the most popular choice (and the most timeless in my opinion) there are some emerging tile trends we can expect to see in 2023.

Tile alignment

Traditionally, tile is stacked horizontally in a staggered pattern, but now designers are playing with different stacking options.

Lately stacking tile horizontally right on top of each other, rather than in a staggered pattern is trending, as well as stacking tile on on top of another in a vertical direction. Stacking tile vertically tends to draw the eye upward, making a bathroom appear larger.

Patterned tile

Just like with wallpaper designs for the home, bold patterns are making a huge comeback, showing up in tile and wallpaper in the bathroom.

Large format tiles

In a complete opposite direction as traditional penny tile, large format tiles are quickly becoming a popular choice with homeowners and will continue to be big in 2023. Tiles as large as 24″-36″ in width are trending, but they may not be right for every bathroom.

Large tiles really shouldn’t be used in smaller bathrooms, and definitely not in powder rooms. Even though large tiles are trending, make sure if you want to go with this look you have ample space to pull it off.


I wouldn’t call using marble in a bathroom a trend, as it’s a timeless finish that will never date your bathroom, but more and more homeowners are selecting this classic stone.

Marble is more of an investment upfront, but you can be assured that if you put marble in your bathroom it will be decades (if ever) before you need to update your bathroom again.

Ceramic and porcelain continue to reign supreme, but marble is gaining in popularity and I expect to see this trend blossoming even more in the coming years.

Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tile is made up of bits of marble in a concrete stone and has come a significant way since it was ultra popular decades ago. Making a huge resurgence in the coming years, Terrazzo ads texture and personality to any bathroom.

Zellige tiles

In case you haven’t seen Zellige tiles before, these beauties are stunning. Made by placing each tile by hand in glaze and then added to a kiln where uneven heat distribution gives each tile a unique look, these tiles are truly one-of-kind.

Zellige tiles became popular a few years ago and I don’t see their popularity going anywhere fast; in fact, I think more and more homeowners will opt for these tiles in the coming years.

Bathroom flooring trends

Porcelain tile continues to reign supreme, but wood looking tile and plank flooring are starting to give traditional tile a run for its money. Overall, shiny tile is being replaced for a more muted, matte finish and this trend will only continue.

Waterproof LVP

Plank Flooring is not new, but the latest in luxury vinyl plank will definitely have you heavily considering this versatile flooring. Search for a plank flooring that looks almost identical to hardwood for the best and most modern look.

Choose a nice medium brown tone or a lighter toned floor like a maple beige for the most current and timeless look.

Pay attention to flooring colors here if you plan to go this route as many plank flooring can quickly look dated if you don’t choose more traditional colors.

The gray plank flooring that was very popular the last decade is already being ripped up and replaced with warmer wooden tones, as is the cherry or espresso colored flooring.

Wood-look tile

In addition to LVP, wood look porcelain tile or is also making some waves, and should continue to pick up significant steam in the coming year. For someone that wants the look of hardwood with the ease of clean up, waterproof properties, like wood porcelain tile is a great design decision.

These are tiles, different than the LVP and do have grout in between the tiles, so they are a better alternative than hardwood in a bathroom due to moisture, but keep in mind that tile does come with some maintenance.

If you are considering this for a bathroom and have carpet that is in the room adjoining the bathroom, go with the tile over LVP.

Bathroom tub trends

The garden tub of the 80s and 90s is well on its way out and is being replaced with sleek, free standing tubs.

By far, flat bottom tubs like the one you see below have been trending the past several years, and they’re only going to get more popular.

Curvy lines will be huge in 2023 with furniture, decor and other household items taking the shape. Tubs will follow suit and I expect rounded flat-bottom tubs to be more popular in 2023 than rectangle ones.

The overwhelming majority of homeowners updating their tubs choose a soaking tub, which is deeper than the traditional tub and I see this trend only accelerating as the self-care movmement continues.

In 2021, interior designers also spent a large portion of the square footage dedicated to making the tub a centerpiece in the bathroom, and I see that trend continuing well on to 2022 and beyond.

Regardless what you end up with, choosing a flat bottom tub for your bathroom remodel won’t go out of style any time soon.

Bathroom lighting trends

Although still the most popular choice, recessed lights are starting to take a bit of a backseat in the bathroom, with more homeowners opting to add personality through lighting.

Pendant lighting

Statement pendant lighting–especially over a flat-bottom free standing tub– is a very popular choice and a great way to add some texture to a room.

Woven and natural elements used in pendant lighting will be huge in 2023 and I predict many types of these pendants to be installed in the coming year.


Sconces have been trending over over-mirror lighting for a few years now, and I predict that continuing to be the case for 2023.

Bathroom shower trends

Those renovating an existing footprint are looking for ways to make their shower bigger whether that’s by removing the tub all together or relocating the existing shower to add more square footage.

Shower size

Increasing overall square footage in the shower was a huge trend in 2022 and I see that continuing. For homeowners working with an existing footprint, many opt to take room out of the closet, forgo the tub or rework entrances to gain some inches in the shower.

Wet rooms

An emerging trend that has started to quickly pick up steam in large renovations or new builds is a wet room, or a glass enclosure (or no enclosure at all) containing both a shower and a free-standing tub.

At times, wet rooms can solve a space dilemma, allowing the homeowner to squeeze in a shower and a freestanding tub within the existing footprint. Other times, these wet rooms are very expansive, creating a true spa-like feel.

Waterproofing such a large space makes these rooms very difficult for the DIYer and does call for a more rigorous cleaning schedule, but nonetheless, I see these wet rooms really starting to pick up steam in 2023.

Rainfall shower heads

Aiding in creating that truly relaxing environment that’s so high on the list of many people renovating or building a bathroom in 2023 is adding a rainfall shower head.

Curbless shower

With a desire to create sleek lines in the bathroom, a curbless shower is gaining traction. Curbless showers come highly recommended by designers, as the appearance of a continuous floor, unbroken by a typical shower curb, looks more modern.

Beyond design reasons for choosing curbless showers, many homeowners who desire to age in place are installing them for practical reasons.

Bathroom renovation prices

As expected given the current state of our economy, bathroom renovations are not immune to inflation.

We wrote a fairly detailed post if you’re wondering how much a bathroom renovation costs, item by item, but in general, homeowners are spending about $9,000-$35,000 on a bathroom renovation. The huge range varies in size, scope of project, materials, etc. We expect bathroom costs to rise a bit more than normal again next year with inflation.

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