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Paint colors for a girl’s room

Today I’m going to share with you my favorite paint colors for a girls room, and no it isn’t just a myriad of the best pinks and purples. I’m going to include my favorite blush, and purple tones but also some green, blue and neutral tones that will work for most anyone.

I’ll also give you tips on how to put together a cohesive girls room so that the paint color will perfectly complement your decor, so stick around and be sure to ask questions in the comments if you need to!

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Best paint colors for a girl’s bedroom

Below I’ve highlighted 11 of my picks for paint colors for a girl’s room.

Benjamin Moore Brandy Cream

This is a wonderful choice if you want a more neutral toned room but still want something that complements the soft pink undertones in your decor.

Brandy Cream is a beige paint color with a pink undertone, making it the perfect, less-than-obvious girly paint color. I like this choice a lot because it easily works for a little girls room and then seamlessly transitions as she gets older.

Find peel and stick samples of any of these paint colors here.

Benjamin Moore Tissue Pink

Pink is a hard one to get right. Too pink and it’s knocking on Pepto Bismol’s door. Too coral and it’s not the right tone for your decor. Tissue Pink is one of the best soft pink/blush colors out there.

This hue is very soft and you won’t find it’s too pink at all unless you have a very dark room, as this color will look darker and muddier in the absence of natural light.

On the other hand, if you do have tons of natural light and you really want a good saturation of pink, make sure to test this color out first, as it will wash out a little with a lot of light.

Benjamin Moore Misty Blush

If you want pink but want a more rose pink that doesn’t go too pink, Misty Blush is the color you should sample. This fairly pale rose-colored hue is really stunning, but is a bit misleading in the color name, as again, it’s more of rose than a blush tone.

I would caution against using this one in a room without a lot of light as it will likely get too dark for your taste.

Sherwin Williams Individual White

Here again, we’re seeing that paint color names can get you in trouble if you go solely off those when making your color decision. Individual White is not a color I hear a lot about, but it is a color I do recommend for certain rooms, and a girl’s bedroom is one of those.

This is a great subdued hue if you want a color with a little bit of a violet/purple slant. I’d call this a super pale gray with fairly strong violet undertones. Use this color if you’re decorating with violet in the room, but don’t use it if you aren’t, as it will just come off as a bland gray.

Anytime you work with a neutral paint color and decorate the room with the same color as the paint color’s undertone, that’s when paint color magic happens and your paint color starts to work double or triple time for you.

Benjamin Moore Portland Gray

Portland Gray is another pretty gray with violet undertones, making it a perfect neutral choice for a girls bedroom. Use this hue if you are decorating with purple and you’ll be amazed at how well Portland Gray will complement the room.

In terms of comparison, Portland Gray is more saturated than Individual White, so if you have a brighter room and don’t want the color to be washed out, go with Portland Gray over Individual White.

Find peel and stick samples of any of these paint colors here.

Benjamin Moore Vintage Wine

On the opposite end of the spectrum of Individual White is a beautiful deep violet tone with Vintage Wine.

This color is gorgeous, but it is dark. I’d use it either as an accent wall color or if you’re doing trim work around the whole room that will be white, the other half would be beautiful in this color. Just like with all darker hues, this color will look really, really dark in a room that doesn’t have a lot of light.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

Saybrook Sage is a pretty sage paint color that would be beautiful in a girls room. I love the idea of a softer green hue as on out-of-the-box choice for a little girls room. We did a pale green for my daughter’s room and it turned out perfectly.

I’ve got two other green hues to recommend and out of the three of the green hues, Saybrook Sage is the darkest, and would look better with a good bit of natural light.

Sherwin Williams Liveable Green

Green grey colors are very popular thanks pretty sage green appearance they give off when combined. Softer than Saybrook Sage, but still pretty saturated, Liveable Green is a really nice soft green paint color with grey undertones.

Benjamin Moore Hancock Green

Unlike Liveable Green, Hancock Green doesn’t have any grey undertones and is just a nice, pale green hue. Pale green complements so many design styles and colors and would work beautifully for a little girls room.

Sherwin Williams Pearl Gray

A pretty blue green color, Pearl Gray is a great color for a girls bedroom. I love using blue/green colors as you can go in a couple different design directions with them, highlighting either blue or green or both, depending on your decor.

Blue green hues are chameleons of color and tend to look more blue than green at times and vice versa during others.

Benjamin Moore Glass Slipper

Finishing up this list of colors for a girl’s room, comes a very pale blue, reminiscent of Cinderella’s glass slipper. Light enough not to be overpowering, but enough depth to pull its own weight, Glass Slipper is a stunner!

Tips for choosing colors for girls’ rooms

Use the colors above as a jumping off point to determine which color family most closely aligns with the decor in the room and then you may have to explore other colors within the paint color family.

Ideally, you want to design the room completely and then pick out a paint color, not the other way around.

No doubt the room below is beautifully decorated, but here’s an example of when a paint color was picked first. Below, you see a colorful blue and green rug with hints of pink.

The blue, green and pink is repeated again in the comforter but then the walls are a yellow beige, relating to absolutely nothing in this room. This room would be perfect with Pearl Gray.

Making a mood board using Canva is a great tool to help you pull a room together, making sure all elements coordinate well and complement each other.

Don’t forget to sample your paint colors before you commit! You can go the peel and stick route or go to the paint store and make large 12’x12′ samples on pure white poster board.

Place your poster board up against the wall to sample the color. Then move your sample around the room and see how your color coordinates with the furniture, bedding, flooring.

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