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Our favorite farmhouse door knobs and handles

Adding modern farmhouse door knobs to your interior doors is one of the quickest (and cheapest) ways you can upgrade your home.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly just updating your boring and basic door knobs to match your design aesthetic will transform your rooms, hallways and open space. Whether you’re searching for that modern farmhouse look or more of a classic antique door knob, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite selections.

I’ll walk you through our process of updating to black interior door knobs in our home and also give you suggestions for other farmhouse-y door knobs you might like, too.

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Adding farmhouse door knobs to our interior doors

When we moved into our home the doors looked like they had been used in battle and the door knobs were those ugly silver round knobs you’ll find in just about any builder-grade home.

We could have sanded down our doors and repainted them and then topped them off with farmhouse door knobs, but since we were doing the work ourselves and could save money on the labor of all that, we opted to replace the doors entirely and finish them off with new farmhouse door handles.

modern farmhouse door handles

Here’s a look at our farmhouse door handles in our daughter’s room. We also upgraded the room with craftsman style trim to match the farmhouse style and added a board and batten accent wall.

What to know when purchasing modern farmhouse door handles

With all door knobs, you’ll likely need to find different styles to suit the doors in your home. For our home we purchased three different styles:

Privacy–these knobs are the most expensive and will enable you to lock the door.

Dummy knobs–these knobs can be used on closets in bedrooms/hallways where you just need to pull. Note, these handles do not turn, they are just there for you to pull open the door. We used dummy knobs in the closets for our kids rooms.

Passage knobs–these can be used for closets or hallway doors, and they cannot be locked.

black farmhouse hardware, black interior door knobs

Once a boring hallway, with old doors and dated door knobs is transformed with the help of farmhouse trim, doors and handles. We also replaced the builder grade hall light in favor of this more modern flush mount.

My favorite modern farmhouse door knobs

While matte black seems to be the standout favorite in terms of farmhouse door handle color, antique brass and weathered chrome are beautiful choices, as well.

Click on any door knob below to shop the post, and remember to take note of the different door knob styles you’ll need in your home (passage, dummy or privacy) when purchasing. On most of the styles below you can choose your finish.

Antique door knobs we love

Most of the time, all of your interior door handles will match, but it can be really fun to add a unique door knob to a closet or bathroom door. I love the antique-looking door knobs for bathroom doors and think they just add so much extra personality to the door.

Farmhouse door hardware

If you’re starting from scratch and getting new doors, you might have the option to order hinges in the corresponding finish as your new door handles. If you don’t have that option, they’ll likely come in a standard finish and you can always purchase hinges to match.

Our doors were in such bad repair that we purchased new doors, and although they were a farmhouse-style door, they still came with polished nickel hinges, so we ended up purchasing the matte black hinges to match our door hardware.

Barn door pull handles

Because no modern farmhouse is complete without a sliding barn door, I’ve highlighted some of my favorite barn door handles. We used a barn door for the entrance to our kids’ bathroom to save space in a smaller bathroom. Full details and a reveal of our small, but mighty bathroom/laundry room, coming soon!

I was worried about locking the barn door, as you must have a privacy feature in a bathroom, and we finally hunted down a beautiful locking mechanism that’s worked out beautifully.

We ended up purchasing our barn door handle and lock from a locally-owned hardware store, but I’ve found similar styles that I’ve linked below for you to check out! So far the barn door lock has worked out really well and privacy hasn’t been an issue at all.

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