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Best rug size for a king-sized bed

In my opinion, no room is complete without a rug. Yes, even on carpet, a rug ties a room together, anchoring the furniture and often acting as a decor piece to tie all colors together.

If you’re putting together a bedroom with a king-sized bed and want to include a rug, this post is for. I’ll outline the best rug sizes and how best to position them for the best look.

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Can you put a 5×7 rug under a king size bed?

Certainly you can put a 5×7 rug under a king size bed, but should you is the bigger question.

A typical king-sized bed is nearly 7 feet wide, so putting a rug that’s just barely wider than the width of your bed won’t look very good. Take a look at the picture below, that’s ideally what you’re going for. You want a good bit of the rug beyond the width and length of the bed.

With a 5×7, the vast majority of the rug will be under the bed, making it completely unusable. A 6×9 rug would be the smallest I’d go, but an 8×10 or 9×12 rug is ideal.

an 8×10 rug for under a king bed

Unless you have a large bedroom, I find the best sized rug to put under a king size bed to be the 8×10 size. Laying the 10 foot side horizontally, allows for just over 18 inches of clearance on either side, allowing the rug to provide warmth to your feet when you place them on non carpeted floors.

King-sized beds are nearly 7 feet in length and here again, you want at least 18 inches of clearance, so you’ll have to start the rug beyond your nightstands and about 1/4-1/2 of the way under your bed, like you see above.

a 9×12 rug for under a king bed

If you want a larger area covered, you’ll need to stick with a 9×12 or even 10×14. A 9×12 can fit under your entire bed and nightstands. The rug pictured above is likely at 10×14 as there is significant clearance around all three sides of the bed.

Obviously rugs (especially wool ones) get pricer the larger you go, so keep that in mind when planning your room.

Styling a rug with a king bed

Correct dimensions and placement of rugs can be tricky, so let’s go over some do’s and don’ts when it comes to styling rugs in a bedroom.

Don’t get a rug that isn’t wide enough

This is one of the top offenders I see when using a rug in a bedroom. There’s two issues here. One the rug simply isn’t wide enough for a king bed. This would be a good sized rug for a twin bed, but definitely not a king. Remember the rule of thumb, the rug needs to come out about 18″ or more on either side of your bed.

The second issue here is that the rug is placed just a few inches underneath the bed. You want to at least put the rug halfway up your bed or even more.

A floating rug

Here’s another no no. Don’t chose a small rug that’s just placed on the floor without any furniture touching it. The rug should be touching at least one item in the room here and in the case of a large bed in the center of the room, the rug needs to be under the bed.

Wrong placement

This rug size is a little bit better in terms of width, but it’s still not nearly wide enough. The rug is also at the end of the bed, which just makes it seem like it’s floating in the room, not anchoring anything down.

Correct placement of a rug under a king bed

This rug is correctly placed, and gives the room the structure it need. It’s hard to tell with this photo but the rug is not under the nightstands. It’s also fine if you have a larger rug to put the rug under the night stands completely or just barely or halfway under the rug.

The only thing I might change with this photo is to pull the rug farther down, giving more rug space coming out of the foot of the bed.

Tips for deciding on the perfect rug to fit under your king sized bed

Did you know that the easiest way to pull a room together is often to start by finding the perfect rug.

For example, let’s take this beautiful rug:

The colors in this rug are more neutral, but can easily lend itself to pretty palette using beige, gunmetal and mustard.

Ideally you want to repeat your color palette around your room in various sizes. So if you’re using the above as your color palette you could have gunmetal colored pillows on the bed and perhaps gunmetal repeated in the lamp, artwork or drapes. You’d do that for the two other colors.

Stick with just three colors when decorating for a more cohesive look.

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