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Pumpkin flower arrangement ideas

If you’ve never incorporated a pumpkin into your fall floral arrangements, you are seriously missing out. I fell in love with pumpkin flower arrangments a couple years ago when I saw a pumpkin succulent arrangement that was absolutely breathtaking.

Use these for fall decor on your front porch, to decorate your home for fall or even on your Thanksgiving table! Even if you’ve never made a floral arrangement before, you can pull of these fall bouquets with my tips!

11 pumpkin flower arrangement ideas you need to copy this fall

how to make a pumpkin flower arrangement

To elevate your arrangement like this you can place an upside down glass jar or chicken wire on the bottom. Then top with floral foam that’s been soaking in water for a while. You can rub olive oil or vaseline on your pumpkin to preserve it a little longer, too!

Succulents are so beautiful and are even more stunning when paired with white pumpkins. I like to use succulents on my pumpkin arragemennt as they can last for months if cared for correctly.

To make this type of arrangement last, keep the pumpkin intact (minus the stem) and glue moss to the top. Next attach succulents of all sizes and varieties to the moss with a glue gun. Spray with a water bottle every few days.

how long do pumpkin flower arrangements last?

I love the idea of keeping the lid on the pumpkin arrangement. To pull this off you’ll need two or three popsicle sticks cut at at angle (or cooking skewers) so you can spear the top of the pumpkin and position it on the base.

One way to ensure you have a balanced floral arrangement is to keep turning the pumpkin as you put flowers in. Rather than just working from one side, turning the pumpkin 90 degrees or so each time you place a few flowers in creates a full and balanced look.

I know this pumpkin isn’t painted, but have you thought about painting your pumpkin? I’ve seen pretty metallic painted pumpkins filled with dark moody flowers, white and gold painted pumpkins, and of course, pumpkins with polka dots. Just use craft paint or even spray paint.

Isn’t this arrangement beautiful? Something like this will last about 5-7 days, so if you’re using this for a centerpiece on your thanksgiving tablescape, I’d make one or two nights before that.

Completely change the look of roses in your bouquet by opening them up. Start with the outside row of petals and just fold them back. Work your way through all the rows, until you’ve gently opened up the flower completely. It’s amazing how much it transforms the look of your arrangement!

My absolute favorite place to get flowers is at Trader Joes. Not only do they have an amazing selection, but their prices are insanely affordable. Go frequently if you have access to one, because they change their floral selection a lot.

You can also score tons of beautiful flowers from your grocery store. Guess what? They also have flowers in the back that aren’t on display. So if you’re looking for something, just ask.

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How to make your own pumpkin flower arrangement

pumpkin flower arrangements
  • Wash the outside with a solution of diluted bleach. If you choose to place flowers on the inside of the pumpkin, make sure to rinse the inside with the diluted bleach water as well. This helps to prolong the pumpkin’s freshness.
  • Decide whether or not you’ll open up your pumpkin or just glue a floral arrangement to the top of the pumpkin (like you would if you were using succulents).
  • If you decide to open the pumpkin, start by filling with flower foam (let it soak in water first). You may need to prop the foam up on something so that you don’t have to use too much. Things like a glass bowl upside down would work perfectly.
  • Start with a filler like ivy, eucalyptus, or magnolia leaves and place all around.
  • Fill with orange, red, white and/or peach roses, dahlias, white roses, green hydrangeas, mums, queen annes lace.
  • Don’t forget to water every couple of days to help your bouquet last for about a week.

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