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8 beautiful screened in porch ideas

In a climate where you have at least three seasons, a screened in porch can be a huge asset. Serving as an additional living space in the spring, summer and fall, screened porches are great for entertaining and relaxing as a family.

While our home has been a huge work in progress, one of the biggest draws to ultimately deciding to purchase the home was the fact that it had a large screened in porch.

Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite screened in porches to give you inspiration. Be sure to check out another post we did if you have questions like… what is the cost of a screened porch? I’ll share our screened in porch too, which has come a long way since we bought it, but very much still a work in progress!

Screened in porch ideas we love

From classic southern looks to modern farmhouse vibes, this collection of screened porch ideas has something for everyone.

Colorful screened porch

We’ll kick things off with our screened in porch, which is still very much a work in progress. We recently painted the deck in PPG’s granite, which is one of the stain colors I highlighted on our recent popular deck stain colors blog post.

I gave the deck a mini facelift this year by adding some conversational chairs, a cute new side table, colorful throw pillows and some flowering plants. In the future we still need to rescreen the porch and we also want to rework the framework to a design we like a little bit better, but that’s still a ways down the road.

Classic Southern screened in porch

Via Our Southern Home

This classic southern porch is made even more beautiful by the exposed brick that acts as the fourth wall. Looking more like a living room and less like an outdoor seating area thanks to the collected furniture look, which is always a good idea.

Expansive screened porch

A space big enough to relax and have a meal is absolutely ideal if you have the budget. I also a huge fan of the raised ceiling you see on this porch. Many times screened in porches look dark because of a low ceiling, so keep that in mind when you’re designing yours.

Farmhouse screened porch

Via Worthing Court

Another classically decorated porch thanks to the use of many different types of furniture items. Rather than going to the outdoor living store and buying a furniture set, shop around for individual pieces for that more collected look.

Modern farmhouse screened in porch

I typically prefer raised ceilings on a screened porch, but the beautiful board and batten siding, and stained ceiling make me totally forget about that preference.

Classic design

This darker wooden screened porch is softened up by the use of warm white curtains, framing the beautiful natural artwork just beyond the screen. Warm white curtains are a great strategy to lighten up a darker porch.

Via A Cultivated Nest

Modern screened porch

I really like this more modern approach with the black streamlined banister, warm wooden tones and bright white siding.

Southern porch

The ceiling treatment of beadboard along with the stain choice has to be my favorite in this roundup. Many homeowners opt to paint their ceiling a light blue (this is how ours was when we moved in, too) but I’ve always been partial to the stained beadboard as apposed to the painted look.

Easy ways to transform your screened in porch into a living space

Basic outdoor furniture can be brought to life with the right rug, throw pillows and accents. Add several colorful flowering pots to bring vibrant hues to your porch.

Replace an outdated fan with something more sleek and modern. Bring in lamps for atmosphere in the evening and don’t underestimate the power of string lights.

Restain or repaint your porch at least every 2 years to preserve the paint or stain treatment.

Routinely clean your screened in porch by using a pressure washer or a mixture of bleach and water (which works great, by the way).

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