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Our kids’ reading nook plus 7 other amazing reading nook ideas for kids

If you have an under-used space in your home, why not create a kids’ reading nook?

In today’s post I’m sharing our DIY reading nook and I’ve also got 7 other DIY reading nooks to share with you to get some ideas flowing!

When we renovated an unused bedroom in our home into a loft to serve as our kids’ playroom there was an awkward space where a built-in desk used to be.

Because it would be years before our kids would need a homework area, we turned the little spot into a cozy reading nook.

Here’s the area before we removed some walls:

And here’s what the bedroom looked like before we started the renovation:

Here’s where the reading nook area started (minus the bench seat we had already started building…)

And here’s where it ended up:

In creating this space, we wanted the nook to look and feel like it was always there. To achieve this we had to make our baseboards continue across the bottom and our crown continue across the top.

Taking our baseboard height into account, we built a cabinet base from 2x material at just the right height to allow the baseboards to run across the bottom of the functional portion of the cabinets.

Once we had established the height for the starting point of our cabinet drawers, we measured from there to a standard bench height and knew how tall our cubbies would be.

Our particular bench is set slightly higher at 22″ from the ground, because we lost storage space due to the baseboard height.

Once the dimensions of the cubbies were established we could then order drawers and drawer fronts to fit our precise space.

By building this custom we were able to get as much width as possible, instead of using pre-fabbed sizing.

We then carried the board and batten trim throughout and added an overhead cabinet to store additional toys and games.

To create the foam, I ordered a custom-cut piece of foam online that was 5 inches tall. I then found fabric at a local fabric store and had someone make the bench seat, as a I’m just not that talented.

I love how it turned out. It’s so cozy and perfect for this little space.

Above the reading nook are cabinets that hold other toys and games. We love how functional this space is!

Are you ready to see other DIY reading nooks? Here are 7 other great ideas!

DIY reading closet loft

Closet turned reading nook via Bigger than the three of us

If you’ve got a large closet, why not create something like this? I love that there’s still space to hang up clothes!

Under the stairs reading space

How cute is this under-the-stairs space?! In my experience the space under the stairs is a highly unused space and this reading nook is a perfect example of turning wasted space into something usable!

Bright and colorful reading nook

Colorful kids reading area via Studio DIY

Another closet turned reading wonderland! I love the bright colors here–what kid wouldn’t want to spend hours pouring over books?!

Small closet turned reading area

Closet turned reading nook via repurpose and upcycle

Now here’s a DIY you can do in a weekend! Add some shelves, a cute light and a comfy chair and you’ve got a reading nook perfect for little ones.

Jungle-theme reading nook

Book nook makeover via Arts & Crackers

A window seat and book shelves close by are the perfect combination to encourage reading time.

DIY book shelves

DIY book shelves via Refresh Living

If you don’t have the space for a reading nook, why not create these easy DIY shelves? Using vertical space wisely is a great way to maximize storage and entice the little ones to read by displaying their favorite books.

Kids’ reading tent

DIY reading tent via Sustain my Craft Habit

Say you don’t have a space for a permanent reading nook? No problem, you can easily make this DIY tent perfect for reading! The best part is the tent easily folds up when you need more space.

Hopefully you found some ideas you can incorporate into your next project!

Thanks for reading!

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