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The best flocked Christmas trees

Nothing says white Christmas quite like a flocked Christmas tree. Coming in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors (pink flocked christmas trees are perfect for little girls’ rooms!) unlit or prelit, there’s something for everyone and every budget.

If the look of a fresh snow dusting on your tree is something you’re thinking about incorporating into your decor, it might be time to spring for a flocked Christmas tree.

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Best flocked Christmas trees

Browse a collection of traditional and pre-lit flocked Christmas Trees.

small flocked christmas trees, pre lit flocked christmas trees

7.5 Ft. Pre-lit Flocked Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

What a whimsical tree! I love this more “real” looking flocked tree. The branches seem to effortfully fall just in place, making it harder to tell this isn’t the real thing.

Premium Snow Flocked Artificial Holiday Christmas Pine Tree

With a ton of positive reviews, this heavily flocked tree is perfect for a faux winter wonderland scene in your living room!

Premium Snow Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

Looking for a relatively inexpensive flocked tree? This one has tons of happy reviews, looks extremely realistic and would look really pretty in a formal dining or living room. I actually like the look of it without any lights or decorations (you can see if you click on the link).

Frosted Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

My husband loves a good thick tree, and if you feel the same, this flocked tree would fit the bill. With clear lights, pinecones and berries, this flocked tree probably has the best reviews, overall.

Pre-Lit Flocked Fraser Fir with smart lights

Nothing says Christmas quite like the whimsy of the Fraser fir. If you’re looking for a flocked tree that looks like it was chopped down right next to a beautiful log cabin, this beauty might be for you. This tree also comes with smart lighting.

7.5 ft. Pre-lit LED Flocked Mountain Pine Artificial Christmas Tree

I really like this look as it’s a departure from what you typically see in terms of the “normal” Christmas tree shape. It’s a bit more whimsy and would work great for your main living space or even in a dining room, too. This one comes with warm lights, which gives off such a pretty glow. You also have the option for colored lights here, too.

Carolina Pine Hinged Tree with Flocked Cones

If you like the look of a flocked tree, but don’t want all the mess, this is a perfect compromise. Available in 4.5, 7 and 7.5 feet tall, this tree would look perfect with rustic farmhouse decor and would really complement a galvanized tree collar.

Best slim flocked Christmas trees

Perfect for tiny spaces or front porches, these slim flocked Christmas trees are the perfect addition to any small area.

National Tree Company Pre-lit Artificial Mini Christmas Tree

The cutest little tree for a front porch or small space, this pre-lit, snow swept tree is adorable. It’s got a bit of less traditional look, which I really like!

3′ Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with Lights

This is the perfect finishing piece for any Christmas porch as far as I’m concerned. Already pre-lit, wrapped in burlap and flocked with just the right amount of snow, this small flocked tree would also look cute in a laundry room or entry way, too!

4.5 ft. H potted flocked tree

Decorating your entry way or perhaps your porch and need a smaller flocked tree for the space? This one is absolutely adorable and comes in a perfectly coordinated galvanized pot and is already pre-lit!

Shop my favorite flocked Christmas trees!

Are flocked Christmas trees messy?

Store bought flocked Christmas trees are not too messy. You will notice some messiness when you take them out each year, and likely you’ll have some shedding as you put the lights on them, too.

There is a process you can undergo to flock your own artificial tree, and let me tell you, that is messy!

It’s lovely in the end, but it requires a large space like a garage or on your back porch to carry out the job.

We’ll talk about how to flock your own Christmas tree below if you already have an artificial tree you’d like to flock.

How to make your own flocked Christmas tree

Don’t see anything you like? Make your own with your favorite artificial tree! To be safe, I’d start with a tree you plan to put outdoors and once you’ve mastered that, you can move on to your main tree.

You can either buy powdered “snow” or use a spray.

It’s been my experience the powdered snow works better. Start by taking your tree outdoors and fluffing it up a bit to separate the branches for even snow distribution.

Work from the top down and first spray a small section of the tree with water. Then, using a sifter, gently shake snow onto branches until you’ve covered the section.

Repeat the process until the entire tree is complete. The key here is working in very small sections as the water “activates” the snow and it will dry out pretty quickly, so you must go slowly.

Finish by spraying with water again to lock the snow in place. Wait a day or two before putting on lights/ornaments.

How to store flocked Christmas trees

Whether you’ve made your own flocked Christmas Tree or you’ve purchased one, flocked Christmas trees need to be handled with care when you’re not using them.

Store them upright and either drape them with a sheet to prevent dust from gathering or purchase one of those upright tree storage bags.

It is not recommended to lay them down in the box they came in or store them horizontally, as this will result in some of the snow coming off.

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