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Christmas wish list ideas for the homebody

Have a homebody you’re shopping for this christmas? Or maybe you need some Christmas wish list items for yourself, regardless, here are my favorite items for the homebody in your life.

These gifts are great ideas for anyone that loves being at home and creating a comfortable home!

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Christmas list ideas

These are grouped by price point (from least expensive to most expensive) to help you shop easier!

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If you haven’t heard of these, I feel bad for you son, because I’ve got 99 problems, but foot pain ain’t one (Jay Z, anyone??) In all seriousness, I knocked these shoes as my family members all got them, but after dealing with foot pain that never went away after having my last baby, I’m now a firm believer.

My footpain is totally gone, but I still wear these on my hardwoods because they are so dang comfortable. If you’re going to get just one item on this list for the homebody in your life, this is it.

Check the price on OOfos

Marble wine cooler

This gift looks about 5x more than it costs (my kinda gift!). I gifted this to my brother about 5 years ago (no worries, he doesn’t ready my blog so he won’t know how inexpensive this actually was bahaha!) and he still has it on display each time he throws a party. It’s beautiful and actually does a great job keeping wine chilled. What more could you want?

You can get your own wine cooler here.

Stemless aerating wine glass

For the wine snob in your life. The wine glass that self-aerates–what a world, right?! I ordered these for my parents a couple years ago and they were a hit!

Wine glass here.

Portable hammock

I know I said this gift list was for homebodys, but this item is too insane to be left off of any gift list, in my opinion. If you or someone you know is a fan of relaxing in what feels like a literal cloud while in nature or even in your own backyard, then this is the gift.

Serving platter

I scoffed at the idea of serving platters years ago because they aren’t an everyday thing. But when you have guests over, serving platters are an absolute necessity. These platters are beautiful!

Witty doormat

Take the pressure off yourself and allow your doormat to tell your guests what you’re really thinking. ha! I love these witty doormats!

Hair towel

I got tired of using a heavy towel to help towel dry my thick hair and purchased this magic hair towel years ago. I love it. I even bring it on vacation I like it that much. Makes blow drying a breeze, literally!

Heating pad

Anyone who has ever owned and frequently used a heating pad knows of the pure bliss that they are. If someone in your life doesn’t own one, please do them a favor and gift it to them this Christmas.

Cooking utensils

Anyone who displays their cooking utensils on the countertop will appreciate this matching set of cooking tools.

String lights

Have someone who loves spending time enjoying their backyard patio or deck? String lights is such a cool gift idea. Bonus points if you come over and help them install the lights, too!

Insulated coffee mug

Anyone who appreciates pipping hot coffee but also has children will really appreciate this gift. I used to use coffee mugs in the mornings but got tired of always drinking cold coffee. Now I rotate between this pretty mug and a yeti tumbler.

Order the mug here.

Cocktail shaker

If you’ve ever tried to make a margarita without a cocktail shaker you know how important these are. Splurge for a nice stainless steel one for Christmas!

Deep sleep pillow spray

Know anyone that has trouble falling asleep at night? This pillow spray is awesome and smells so yummy. The perfect stocking stuffer for the insomniac in your life.

christmas wish list 2021

Ring doorbell

If you panic the moment you hear the doorbell ring, worry no more! Easily see who is at your door and keep tabs on your home when you’re not there, too. I also like that it alerts you when the door opens, so if my 4 year old wants to make a getaway, I’ll know about it-ha!

Check the price on a ring doorbell.

Portable speaker

We’ve gifted these and been gifted these…portable bluetooth speakers are an automatic hit in the gift department.


Here’s another item I originally didn’t understand the appeal for until I got one for myself. This is a huge time-saver for busy families. I love making shredded chicken in mine to have throughout the week in addition to steaming veggies, soups, chili, and even baby food! Instapot

Chef’s knife

You really only need a couple really good knives in your kitchen, and as someone who cooks a lot I can appreciate a high quality pairing knife and chef’s knife. I’ve gifted these to my parents and myself in the past!

Putting green

Perfect for the homebody who likes to practice their golf swing at home. Buy the putting mat here.

Portable lamps

Looking for a seriously unique gift? These portable lamps are it! Take them outside for a nice evening dinner, take them camping, or even use them when the power goes out!

Fire tv stick

If you or someone you know is like us and doesn’t have a smart tv that will allow you to download the 4 million new streaming apps that come on the market each month this Fire TV stick is a life saver for the binge-watching junkies in your life.


Hands down, this is the most used item in my kitchen. I make smoothies every single day and before I invested in this machine, the smoothies were just blah. If you know someone who likes smoothies or (soups too) and doesn’t have one of these, this is the gift to get! Vitamix

Cordless vacuum

This stick cordless vacuum has been on my wish list for years and if someone doesn’t buy it for me this year, I’m adding it to my own cart! If you have kids the cordless feature is an absolute must. There’s something so quick about the idea of just moving room to room without a cord slowing you down!

Staub Cast Iron

Besides the fact that this may be the prettiest piece of cookware you’ll ever own, if you’ve never cooked in a Staub, you’re missing out. The workhorse of a well-loved kitchen, a Staub Cast Iron is the perfect gift for anyone that likes to cook a lot. Soups, stews, bread, spaghetti sauce, you name it–this will easily be a pot used weekly!

Fire pit

A Fire pit is a gift people didn’t know they needed until they have one. This is a great gift for anyone who likes to sit on their patio or deck to relax.

Need even more gift ideas? Browse my favorite things gift ideas for 2022.

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