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Favorite things gift ideas for a favorite things party

Rather than throwing a white elephant party this year, why not try out a favorite things party? New to the concept? Here’s everything you need to know about hosting this unique event, plus gift ideas for a favorite things party.

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What is a favorite things gift exchange?

“These are a few of my favorite things…!” A favorite things party is a gift exchange where the guests bring a favorite item to exchange with the other invitees. Typically there is a dollar limit set, with $25 being a popular gift limit. Some parties invite guests to bring two or three of their favorite gifts so that party guests can go home with more than one gift.

While White Elephant or Dirty Santa is a fun idea for a gathering during the holidays, I’m a huge fan of the shift to a favorite things party, as many of my White Elephant gifts end up in the donate pile.

Share some of your favorite things plus get some new ideas when you attend a favorite things party. To give you some inspiration about what kind of things to gift at one of these parties, here are some of my favorite things.

Favorite things gift ideas

gift ideas to bring to a favorite things party

Facial Oil

I’ve discovered facial oils over the last couple of years and I really love them. I use them in combination with a jade stone facial massager, and you could certainly gift these as a combo gift.

Marble cookbook stand

Even if it’s just to display a recipe on your phone while you’re cooking, this marble cookbook stand is beautiful. You can even dress up a boring or dark counter in your kitchen by keeping a pretty cookbook or two on display all the time.

Silk pillowcase

A silk pillowcase is an absolute must if you want to skip washing your hair each day. It also helps with preventing fine lines and wrinkles…just make sure to tell the receiver not to throw it in the dryer!

Cleansing Balm

If you are late to the party on the cleansing balm trend, you’ve got to hop on now and gift it to a lucky friend. This one takes off every bit of your makeup, leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and has collagen.

Bath Caddy

If you like to read in the bath or even just have a dry space to set a candle or your phone, a bath lady is a must. I prefer a material like teak when selecting a bath caddy, as I know it will last much longer.

Magic Balm

Just like the name implies this stuff is pure magic. Magic Balm is perfect for dry skin during the fall and winter.

Silicone wine glasses

No more broken glass by the pool or the fire pit. This cute silicone wine glasses are perfect for block parties, late night fire pit chats or water days.

Cake Stand

Every kitchen should have a pretty cake stand. This is one of those items that you never think you’ll use but every time you entertain you’ll be glad you do.

Make up headband and brushes

For the makeup lover, it’s so much easier to apply make up with your hair completely out of your face and that’s why I love this makeup headband. I also love these fairly affordable makeup brushes and you could combine these two items into one gift.

Dutch oven

I love to cook and often make large meals my family can eat again. These dutch ovens are really affordable and an absolute workhorse in my kitchen.

Setting Spray

This has been my holy grail make up product since I was introduced to it about 12 years ago. Yes, it’s that good. This setting spray gives you a dewy glow and sets your makeup for the entire day.

Neck massager

Gift this to a fellow mom and she’ll love you forever. Get a deep tissue massage with heat while you watch a show or send some emails.

Weighted blanket

Instantly melt anxiety with a weighted blanket! While it’s not the prettiest thing in the world, it does the trick!

Portable Charger

Portable chargers that you can easily throw in your purse are just so convenient.

Container Set

These storage containers are the best ways to keep your pantry decluttered and to store food. Plus, they help keep pantry moths away if you’ve ever had any issues with that.

Reading light

If you’re like me and like to stay up later, this reading light is essential so that you don’t bother those around you.


I purchased this sarong before our beach trip with very low expectations. Let’s just say this blew my expectations out of the water and now I recommend it to everyone. So. Flattering.

Portable Table Lamp

If you like to host dinner parties in the fall, these portable table lamps are a great addition to your table.

Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased this right after my daughter was born and she’s almost 5 and it’s still going strong. Hands down the best eyeshadow palette out there.

Boot socks

The best socks for ankle boots, hands down!

Wine Chiller

I’ve gifted this 4-n-1 wine chiller, aerator, pourer and stopper more than once and it’s always a hit. I also love the insulated glasses this company makes, too.

Need even more gift ideas? Browse my Christmas wishlist here.

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