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11 genius home command center ideas

A place to store bills, important paperwork, reminders, keys and even the weekly dinner menu, a home command center is key to a well organized home.

You don’t need an entire room or even a huge wall–family command centers can be functional by using a small corner, space in your garage or even on the back of your pantry door.

Ready to get organized? Here’s 11 of my favorite home command center ideas.

What should be in a family command center?

Make your command center as functional as possible when you include a space for all the essential items like bills, a place for backpacks, a weekly menu, etc. Here’s a complete checklist for your family command center:

  • A spot for bills
  • Backpack/purse storage
  • A place to store keys
  • A weekly dinner menu
  • Calendar large enough to write important appointments/family events
  • Phone charging station
  • Chore charts
  • To do list
  • A place to store loose papers

Home command center ideas

home command center ideas

At first blush, this looks like a command center that looks out of the realm of possibilities in terms of what you could construct in a weekend, but think again, my friends. This command center is made fancy by simple board and batten you can easily pull off and a floating bench. If you don’t want to mess with a DIY bench, you can always just add or even use storage cubes with cute bins.

I’d finish off this look with a wall calendar and organizer to store important papers.

Wall command center

This is super cute, just takes up a small amount of space, and guess what? It’s all one piece! Some people like to construct their command centers out of eclectic pieces they find that might work for the space and others prefer a one-stop shop, and this organizer from 1Thrive fits the bill.

I’m loving this super cute farmhouse chic command center. There’s literally not one thing I would add to this space, as it’s super functional as is. I also love the rolling cart, which works perfectly to collect odds and ends and keeps things like keys and wallets off of counters.

family command center

Chalkboard paint was used creatively in this hallway command center. Sometimes adding spaces like this on a random wall can feel like it’s out of place, but adding this paint to define the area really helps–plus it’s super functional!

I won’t argue with any command center that has a place to store backpacks! This command center/mudroom idea is perfect for families with small kids.

home organization command center

Talk about organization in this super cute hallway family command center. There’s nothing left out of this– chore charts, a weekly menu, inbox/outbox, to do list, and even a spot to chart your kids growth!

Talk about getting creative with space in with this command center. If you’re struggling your command center could “live” in your home, you may want to think about this!

Kitchen command center

We spend so much time in our kitchen it makes total sense to put the command center there, too. If nothing else, you can point to the dinner menu when you’re asked for the 144293th time “What’s for dinner?”

kitchen command center

I really love this kitchen cabinet command center. If you’d like a place to organize everything but really don’t like clutter, this is the perfect solution for you.

A place to store book bags, papers and shoes? I’m sold!

Here’s another command center dressed up with some board and batten and super cute chalkboard paint.

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