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Trending beige paint colors for 2024

Beige was so popular in the 90s and early 2000s and in fact, many of us are living in homes that were painted, floor-to-ceiling in beige tones.

These darker beige colors that were so widely used over two decades ago are nothing like the trending beige paint colors I’m about to show you.

These pretty beige colors are light, airy and some are borderline between cream and beige. These are the colors I recommend to my online color consulting clients the most when they’re looking to add warmth to walls or when they need to freshen up spaces with brown/ earthy finishes, like brown granite, travertine tile, terracotta, etc.

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The best way to sample beige paint colors is with these easy to use peel and stick paint samples. Delivered overnight, you can shop paint samples here.

Before we get started….

  • Pay attention to the LRV, this stands for Light Reflectance Value and has to do with how light or dark a paint color is. 100 represents pure white and 0 represents pure black. I would consider a light paint color to have an LRV of 60 and up. Most off white paint colors have LRVs in the 80-89 range, just to give you a frame of reference.
  • Beige paint colors have undertones! You can’t escape them. You’re either dealing with green (the most neutral of undertones), pink or orange with the colors I’ve listed below.
  • You want the undertones in the beige color to related to the neutral finishes and fabrics already in your home.

Sherwin Williams Ivory Lace

Very close to an off white, Ivory Lace has an LRV of 83. If you like the idea of creamy white on the walls but want just a little bit more pigment on the walls, this is a great color to bring warmth to a room without being too overpowering. Ivory Lace has a green undertone.

Benjamin Moore Soft Chamois

Very similar to Ivory Lace, Soft Chamois is a pale beige paint color, that could almost be considered a cream with significant depth to it. With an LRV of 77, this is considered a very light paint color. Soft Chamois has a green undertone and is best paired with bright off-white trim that isn’t too yellow, like Simply White or a true white trim color like Chantilly Lace.

Sherwin Williams Neutral Ground

With an LRV of 70, this color is a step away from the two lighter colors above, but still considered a light color and what I would classify as a pale beige. I love using Neutral Ground to update dated brown granite or finishes (truthfully most of these colors work to updated dated spaces!). Neutral Ground has a green undertone.

Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan

A very popular beige, Manchester Tan is beautiful to warm up walls and also works perfectly to freshen up spaces with more earthy tones (like travertine tile, brown granite or stone, etc).

With an LRV of 64 this color is still what I would consider a light paint color, but it can go a bit dark on walls if you are in a north facing room, and in that case, I’d go with a lighter LRV color. Manchester Tan has a green undertone.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White

Many granites and tile that were put in during the 90s and early 2000s have orange undertones and would work beautifully with Navajo White if you’re looking to freshen up a dated space.

Conversely, I also love Navajo White with a warm color palette where someone is using a lot of creams and warm leathers.

With an LRV of 78 this is a very light paint color, just a step away from off-white colors. Technically, you could say it’s a deep creamy hue. Navajo White has an orange undertone.

Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca

If Navajo White wasn’t quite enough for you on the wall, but you like the orange undertone, try Sherwin Williams Casa Blanca. With an LRV of 76, this is still technically a cream color, but it’s on the cusp of being labeled as a beige.

Benjamin Moore Maritime White

A pale beige/cream, Maritime White has a subtle pink undertone. With an LRV of 71, this color is in between a cream and beige and is perfectly light for walls without feeling too heavy.

Benjamin Moore Muslin

A pretty beige, Muslin is a very popular paint color. With an LRV of 64, this color can go too dark in rooms that don’t get enough natural light, so make sure you test out a large sample of this color before committing.

I love using this color in rooms that are south-facing that need a good bit of warmth on the walls.

Final thoughts

This list of 8 creams/beiges work perfectly to update those dated spaces so many of us are living with.

If you have a dated kitchen with brown granite, travertine, terracotta tile, etc, these colors will bring your space up to date, but you must choose the right undertone and the one that relates the best to your fixed elements and furnishings.

Ignoring your items like backsplash, tile, countertops, stone, fabrics, etc. and choosing a paint color on a whim is the easiest way to make the wrong color decision.

Test out these colors on a pure white backdrop. I like poster board the best. I also highly recommend the peel and stick samples, as they come in 24 hours and are large so you can really evaluate the color well.


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