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Terra cotta paint colors

From dusty orange hues to salmon colored tones, Terra Cotta paint colors are slowly making a comeback. With the shift of moving away from cooler colors to warmer tones, we’re seeing once popular colors like terra cotta, beige, tan and earthy green rise to popularity.

Typically the color of clay flowering pots or the timeless tiles, this powerful paint packs a punch in the personality department.

Terra Cotta paint colors we recommend the most

Need a Terra Cotta paint color recommendation for your next project? You’re in luck, because I’ve got 6 to show you.

Sherwin Williams Cavern Clay

terra cotta colors

I said Terra Cotta was making a slow comeback and this is proof–Cavern Clay was the Sherwin Williams 2019 Paint Color of the Year. Terra Cotta is a blend of orange and red, with colors in this category typically favoriting orange or red, but Cavern Clay is a really good mix of equal parts of both red and orange.

Benjamin Moore Spiced Apple Cider

terra cotta paint

If you’re looking for a terra cotta color that has more red undertones, Spiced Apple Cider is one to consider. Reading more pink than any of these other tones on this list, Spiced Apple Cider is a really soft terra cotta style hue.

Sherwin Williams Baked Clay

Looking like real life terra cotta clay pots in person, Sherwin Williams Baked Clay is the quintessential terra cotta color. Baked Clay favors an orange tone over a red, as you can see below.

Benjamin Moore Terra Cotta Tile

terra cotta paint colors

The reddest hue of this bunch, Terra Cotta Tile ends up looking more like a warm red than the classic terra cotta hue that you typically think of.

Sherwin Williams Persimmon

This is a really beautiful terra cotta hue, with good bits of both orange and red. Persimmon looks very peachy in color, moreso than any other color on this list.

Benjmain Moore Terra Mauve

Terra Mauve is a really rich terra cotta hue with deep red tones and undertones of orange. Because the color is so dark, Terra Mauve almost looks like a light brown.

Tips on choosing a terra cotta paint color

When choosing any color you must compare colors to other hues in the same family. Take these 6 terra cotta colors for example.

By themselves, they each look like a traditional terra cotta hue, but when you compare them with other colors in the same category you can very easily see that one is more brown, one is more red, one is more of a peach, and so on.

Make sure you observe multiple colors before narrowing down the one right for you.

What colors go with terra cotta?

Terra cotta looks best with muted colors. In terms of clean and dirty colors, terra cotta is typically a “dirty” color and looks best when paired with other “dirty colors.”

For example, I like terra cotta with blue, but not the bluest of blues. It looks best with a blue that’s more on the dirty side.

Same goes for greens and yellows–terra cotta looks best with muddier greens and yellows. Pairing terra cotta with various hues of terra cotta is also really pretty, too.

Above, I’ve paired Sherwin Williams Persimmon with Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, Navajo White and Sherwin Williams Baked Clay.

Is terra cotta orange or red?

Terra cotta is a blend of orange and red. Some terra cotta colors lean more towards orange while others lean more red, which is why it’s very important to compare paint color samples to other hues in the same color family.

Is terra cotta a warm or cool paint color?

Any color that has red or orange undertones is considered a warm paint color.

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