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11 gorgeous fall front porch ideas

Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate my front porch. Besides the crisp weather, I love the colors of the season–rust, vibrant oranges, yellows and organic materials like burlap.

Need some inspiration to dress up your front porch this year? I’ve got tons of ideas plus tips on how to decorate your fall front porch on a budget, too!

How to decorate your front porch for fall

The easiest way to decorate your front porch for fall is to gravitate towards items that are reminiscent of the season. Think pumpkins, mums, marigolds, sunflowers, cornstalks and some burlap.

I tend to gravitate towards mums each year, but have a terrible time keeping them alive. If you’re like me and have a hard time keeping your mums perky all season long, here are some quick tips to help:

  • Buy mums with bulbs, not blooming flowers
  • Don’t pour water over the top of the blooms, but rather place water directly onto the roots.
  • Make sure you place them in indirect light
  • Don’t buy them too early in the season if you live in a hot climate that has pretty warm days in early fall. Mums do best in crisper fall days, rather than temperatures in the 80s or 90s.

On that note, if you have issues keeping pumpkins from rotting while on your front porch did you know you can rub them with some vegetable oil to help keep them fresh all season long?

Fall front porch decor ideas

We’ll kick things off with a classic farmhouse front porch. Stacking pumpkins on steps is a must if you’ve got that feature on your front porch. Add some mums and cornstalks and you’re golden.

Corn stalks are such a great addition to a traditional fall front porch. You can sometimes find them at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I’ve also found them at local farms or pumpkin patches, too.

If you have steps leading up to your front porch it’s an absolute requirement that you stack pumpkins like this. Just kidding. Kind of. But, wow–this makes a statement! I’ve seen green and white pumpkins like this at Whole Foods, but you can also get them (for much cheaper!) at local pumpkin patches!

Never mind the mums, I’m in love with this wreath! You can also just make a wreath out of corn husks, which is beautiful too. You can get corn husks in the grocery store right next to the Mexican food.

I can really appreciate the simplicity here and think it’s just the right amount! The look is made even more perfect with the light burlap wreath. I also love the sunflowers, which are underused in fall porch decor, in my opinion.

If you having issues keeping mums and pumpkins fresh during the fall, this front porch idea is for you! You can’t go wrong with buffalo print, lanterns and some faux fall florals. PS– buffalo print is also super cozy for Christmas, as are lanterns, so you can definitely get double use out of this display.

Have you ever thought about using ornamental kale in your flowering pots for fall? I love how Krista from the Happy Housie used beautiful green and purple ornamental kale in her fall florals.

I’ve never really seen blue and white decor used in fall decorations, as most people tend to gravitate towards those colors in the spring and summer, but I really love how it works here!

I have always wanted to create a pumpkin topiary and this is the year I hope to achieve that. I just love the look!

As much as I love the burnt orange and rust tones that typically grace front doors in the fall, I’m really loving this look. It’s a welcomed departure from the norm and also perfectly matches that beautiful seafoam door color, too!

Fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget

Go simple–pumpkins and mums are pretty cheap. You’ll find the best deals at local farmers markets, rather than the big box stores.

Shop your home–Have a fall-themed throw laying around? Add it to your rocking chair. What about some lanterns? Put them outside. Add in a few mums, pumpkins and a throw pillow and you’re good to go.

Use faux–Without a doubt, the best way to decorate your front porch for fall on a budget is to go the faux route. Buy right after the season for the best prices. This way, you can reuse decor and add in a few real pumpkins and mums each year for a pretty inexpensive fall porch.

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