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Mini Christmas home tour 2023

2023 was a doozy of year for us. An upstairs renovation in the spring and then our kitchen renovation in the fall nearly knocked me off my feet.

With our kitchen reno finishing up about 15 days before Christmas I wanted everything to be cozy in our new space, but I also knew I wouldn’t have a ton of time to decorate.

I knew I wanted pinecone wreaths for the front door, as these can be displayed fall through February or March, in my opinion!

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Wreath | Garland

I focused on making a pretty garland for our staircase first, which Daniel remodeled during our kitchen project, and it was so fun to have a pretty staircase to decorate this year.

For the staircase I added greenery with twinkle lights, gold ribbon, bells and also layered some faux eucalyptus.

This garland is stunning and fooled several houseguests into thinking it was the real deal!

Bells | Ribbon | Candles | Garland | Mirror

I found these beautiful flameless candles and added those to the stairs and our antique dresser in the entryway.

With the light outside leaving by 5:30 and dusk setting in even earlier in the winter months, it was absolutely stunning and so peaceful to have these candles on by 5 every night until we went to bed.

I’m kicking myself for not getting a photo of this scene at night, but I will next year!

I was completely ready to change the batteries on the candles multiple times during the season because they were on for 5-6 hours every day, but no, I didn’t have to change them at all. Plus, they come with a remote to turn them on!

The antique dresser is now sitting in a spot where there was once a small closet, as we’ve added a mudroom that better stores our coats and shoes.

You can find tons of dressers like this one in antique stores or even Facebook marketplace, but this dresser actually belonged to Daniel’s mom and I love having it in this space.

Aren’t these galvanized trees beautiful? I found them in a local shop and knew I had to have them! I added more candles to this space too.

I didn’t snag a picture of our tree because of the sprint we did to get the house ready for company after a full-blown remodel, but there’s always next year.

In our den, I opted for fairly simple decor, as my two little ones like to remove a lot of my decor and the simpler, the better at their ages!

Bells | Stockings | Coffee table tray | Garland

I used the same garland as I put on the stairs above the mantle, threaded some ribbon, and added some pretty brass bells. Honestly, my favorite part were the dried oranges that I made.

I had never done that before, but I’ll be doing it every year from now on. It’s such a beautiful statement, and so easy to do!

I found these lovely paper trees and thought they would be pretty. When they arrived I was blown away at the quality. The pictures just don’t do them justice. They are honestly stunning.

Paper accordion trees

That wraps up the 2023 Christmas tour! Next year I won’t be in the middle of a renovation during the holiday season and I’m already spinning with ideas!

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