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Trending green paint colors for 2024

Hopefully this list of 12 green paint colors stops you in your tracks and convinces you to paint something green!

If you’ve been asleep for a while, you might not know that green is majorly trending both as accent colors for things like cabinetry and even used in entire rooms. 

Now, before we jump in, I implore you to pay attention to two different things.

First, the LRV which stands for Light Reflectance Value and has to do with how light or dark a paint color is on a 0-100 scale with 100 representing pure white and 0 representing pure black.

The second thing to pay attention to is the undertone. Some of these green colors have varying degrees of gray undertones, so take note of that. I’ll give you these colors in order of lightest to darkest. 

Best green paint colors for 2024

Sherwin Williams Pewter Green

A dark green without looking almost black in the absence of a lot of natural light, Pewter Green packs a punch! This color has an LRV of 12, so it is considerably dark.

Pewter Green looks gorgeous on this front door and has a gray undertone to give the green a bit of a chalky look, which is highly desirable when you’re looking for a moody green. 

Sherwin Williams Ripe Olive

Now if you want dark green bordering on black, Ripe Olive is the perfect color for you.

With an LRV of 6, this is a beautifully rich color, and you can see how pretty it is on this console.

Now, would I paint my entire room this color? No. Unless I had floor to ceiling expansive windows, because otherwise you’ll just loose the pretty green in this color and all you’ll be able to see is black. I think for normal homes with average light, this is a perfect cabinetry or accent color. 

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog

Now here’s a color I would absolutely drench a whole room in. Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog is a medium-toned green hue with a good bit of a gray undertone.

Look how beautiful this color is in a powder room! If you want an earthy, organic vibe, it’s really hard to beat Evergreen Fog. This color has an LRV of 30 and typically holds its own in the average room with average light. 

Sherwin Williams Rosemary

With an LRV of 14, Sherwin Williams Rosemary is just a hair lighter than Pewter Green and has a bit less of a gray undertone, so it reads a bit more green, less green-gray. Look how gorgeous this color is in this powder room! I love it!

Sage by Sherwin Williams

Sage by Sherwin Williams is a soft green hue that has a considerable yellow undertone. This one needs a lot of natural light to look good, as that yellow that peeks out will quickly go to like a dark greige muddy tone in spaces that are opposite the sun most of the day. 

With an LRV of 42, this color is one of the lightest on this list, but to recreate the overly light green as displayed in the image above, you do need a good bit of natural light in your room.

Above is a photo of SW Sage used on cabinetry in Inspired by Charm’s kitchen.

Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage

One of the best medium-toned greens and one of my all time favorite softer greens to recommend to clients, Saybrook Sage is gorgeous. This color has an LRV of 45, so it’s got a good bit of depth to it without being too dark. I think this color really shines in more natural light.

Benjamin Moore Tate Olive

A true olive tone with some yellow undertone, Tate Olive has an LRV of 21. Now look how amazing this color looks on an exterior, and I wanted to show this because paint colors tend to be at least two times brighter outside, so do keep that in mind and make sure you sample this one. I prefer this color indoors only when in small doses or when you have a lot of natural light. 

Benjamin Moore Essex Green

Image via: Angela Rose Home

Wowzas this color is daaaark! With an LRV of 5.6 this color can almost trick the eye into appearing black, especially in the absence of a lot of natural light.

This is another one of those colors that I recommend using in small doses inside unless you just have an abundance of natural light. You can see how it was used just on an accent wall in this bedroom, which worked to give the space moody vibe without being too heavy. 

I’ve also seen this on cabinetry and it’s really pretty that way too! You’re also not dealing with a gray undertone like with a lot of these greens, so if you want more of a true, dark green, this is one to sample.

Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green

This next color is a bit different than most of the greens on this list because it has the tiniest blue undertone, but wow, is it a color that’s hard to pass up.

With an LRV of 16, this is still a dark green, but it’s definitely light enough for a whole room with average light, and look how amazing it looks on this board and batten paired with the wallpaper. 

Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green

More of a true green and Benjamin Moore actually describes this as a pine green, which is just about right.

There’s no gray undertone in this color, but it is dark with an LRV of 9. I like this in whole rooms, just like you see here, but I typically only recommend this one if there’s a lot of natural light, as you can see in the video. The very light wood floors also help to balance out the space, too.  

Benjamin Moore Cushing Green

With an LRV of nearly 18, this is the perfect color for a whole room with average light or to be used as an accent. You definitely don’t get an “olive” vibe with this color and I do notice just a hint of a blue undertone. 

Benjamin Moore Peale Green

If you’re looking for more of a true dark green, without a gray or even blue undertone, Benjamin Moore Peale Green is perfect! With an LRV of 14, this is a color that won’t go too dark in most rooms with average-good natural light; however, if you are painting your entire room this color, make sure to really test out how it reacts in your light.

I hope you found a green tone to suit you! If you wanted lighter greens, check out my post on sage green paint colors.

Thanks for reading!


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