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Countertop edges: options and recommendations

Once you’ve gone through the painstaking process of selecting a countertop and backsplash, it’s time to decide which countertop edge is right for you.

What might seem like a trivial detail in the grand scheme of a kitchen or bathroom remodel, choosing a countertop edge that accentuates the overall look and feel you are going for with your remodel or new build is actually a big decision.

Do you want something timeless or modern? Sleek or elegant? These are all questions you must consider as you countertop edge.

To help you narrow down the overwhelming list of options, we’ve outlined our favorite countertop edge profiles.

What is the most modern countertop edge?

Without a doubt, the most modern countertop edge on this list is likely the waterfall edge, with the eased edge coming in at a close second.

Just like the name implies, a waterfall edge gives the cascading look of a waterfall as the countertops make a 90 degree angle and extend to the floor. Many homeowners want that spacious island and opting for a waterfall edge makes the island a true show stopper.

For a classic, yet modern look that’s easier on the wallet, many homeowners are opting for an square edge. Free from any round corners, and often confused with an eased edge, a square edge makes a perfect 90 degree angle.

Countertop edges: options and recommendations

Bullnose edge countertop

One of the most popular styles for quite a while now, a bullnose edge has rounded edges at the top and bottom. A typical choice for those opting for granite, bullnose edges are also being requested for other countertop materials like quartz, too. While other styles will come and go, a classic bullnose edge will stand the test of time.

Square edge/mitered edge countertop

Making a perfect 90 degree angle, a square edge is a bold choice for a modern kitchen. Many people get squared edges and eased edges confused, but remember, square edges will make that perfect right or left angle, while eased edges will have a slight rounding to them. I love how a square edge looks on a large kitchen island!

countertop edges, mitered edge countertop

Eased edge countertop

An eased edge countertop is most closely related to the mitered edge countertop in that it is mostly square minus the fact that the edges are slightly rounded. Some people opt for this because they have kids or they need to incorporate the countertop in an area that lacks a huge amount of space.

eased edge countertop

Beveled edge countertop

A stark departure from a bullnose edge countertop, beveled edge countertops feature a 45 degree angle from the top of the slab. This look is perfect for those seeking a bit of elegance, but not too much. If you’re a fan of the Ogee edge, but find it a too formal, this might be for you.

Half bullnose edge countertop

You know now that a bullnose edge features rounding at the top and bottom, so of course, a half bullnose edge is where the counters are rounded up top and then have a flat bottom. If you like the rounder look on the edges, but don’t like how the full bullnose edge makes counters look thinner, try out the half bullnose edge.

half bullnose edge countertop

Waterfall edge countertop

Quickly rising to popularity over the last decade, a waterfall edge countertop features “waterfall” edges. A bold choice for a kitchen, if you want to make an island a show-stopping feature, opt for a waterfall edge. Because of the large statement this type of countertop edge makes, you want to ensure you’re putting it in a space that can handle it. I’d only install this type of edge with an island that has at least 42″ clearances.

This type of countertop edge costs the most compared to all others, due to the added material and labor costs.

waterfall edge countertop

Ogee edge countertop

If elegance is what you’re after, go with the ogee edge. The dramatic design looks like an “S” and features sleek curves for a timeless look. I see this type of countertop edge used frequently in bathrooms, but I also love the look on a large island, too.

Double ogee edge countertop

Twice the flair as an ogee edge, a double ogee edge countertop features two “S” curves! Best for large open spaces, like a large kitchen or bathroom that features a classic and elegant design aesthetic.

Standard countertop edges vs. custom countertop edges

Depending on the countertop edge you choose, you may pay an upcharge for a more custom look.

Typically these types of countertops are considered standard and don’t include an added fee:

  • Half bullnose edge
  • Bullnose edge
  • Beveled edge
  • Mitered edge
  • Eased edge

Premium countertop edges

  • Waterfall edge
  • Ogee edge
  • Double ogee edge

If you want any type of double edge like a double beveled edge or double bullnose, these types of counter edges also come with a premium fee, too.

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